For those that want Romo fired please read

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. lqmac1

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    Ok, you get your wish, he's gone. NOW WHAT?
  2. The Natural

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  3. Eddie

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    Orton will start.

    Draft a QB and develop him.

    Why is it so difficult? What are we afraid of? More non-playoff seasons???

    So we go 5-11 next year. Big woop. What's the difference?

    Get a young QB we can groom. Kaepernick was sitting there for us. So was Russell Wilson. Heck, even Andy Dalton was sitting there for the pickings.

    We stayed our hand, and stuck with Tony Romo. He's delivered ... but never when it counted.

    I will not disrespect Romo by calling him names. I will give him the utmost respect by stating that I've lost faith in him.
  4. lqmac1

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    TNatural. This isn't the NBA nor Madden.
  5. newlander

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    ...I don't WANT him gone, I just think we are stuck in neutral with him. REMEMBER THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY? DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER ONLY TO SEE NO NEW AND IMPROVED RESULTS...........

    He needs to be traded or retire for his sake and the organization realistically. Throw in Orton for a year or two and REBUILD with a NEW GM and put JJ out to pasture where he belongs. THat's my totally unrealistic dream. REality says that Al Davis Jr. will resign him, adding to the bad deals he's given free, jrat, oscan, sensi and smiles austin: JJ sucks and is the biggest reason we're mired in 6-9 win mediocrity every season....just hate him
  6. Trajan

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    They get some rookie QB Jerry evaluates and drafts too high (Quincy) or some project guy (Henson) which Jerry values, or some one time stud with 1st round pedigree (Leaf) who Jerry will resurrect from the depths of the football cellar and then we get to watch the train wreck and think back on the good times when the guy you were attacking was actually really good and made the team better then they were.
  7. demdcowboys#1

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    #15 would be the only one in that picture with the possibility of ending up here.

  8. DallasDomination

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    He gets one more season after that he's gone. Orton could play if need be, whats the worst that can happen we miss the playoffs again..time wo start getting rid of the dead weight while there's value.
  9. Cajuncowboy

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    I am not saying cut Romo. I think it would hinder the development of Dez and Harris. I however think the search needs to start in earnest for his replacement. If that means a bold move in the draft or via free agency then so be it.

    I look at the Colts who was the worst team in the league last year and they are in the playoffs with a rookie QB. Dramatic change.

    I look at the Skins who was one of the worst teams last year and they are in the playoffs with a rookie QB. dramatic change.

    I look at the Niners who was good last year but they have a rookie QB guiding them to home field advantage in the playoffs.

    Then the Seahawks. A losing record last year and they have a rookie QB and are in the playoffs.

    Turn arounds happen quicker these days and it seems it always starts with a QB. Not saying we dump Romo now, but we need to find his replacement for 2014 because I doubt he is here past next season.
  10. Hook'em#11

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    Start looking for a QB to groom. Dallas isn't "a player away" any longer.

    I think Romo is a good QB. That is it.. He is good.

    He is still making the same DAMN MISTAKES and the SAME KEY TIMES in games that sink it for Dallas.

    Yes, the defense couldn't stop a snowball yesterday. This was known , and, that is why it was going to take a complete game by Romo. It didn't happen.

    What next.

    What next with Romo at the helm next season?

    More disappointment. More of the same that you would likely understand or see from a QB in his 2nd season trying to make a play when there isn't one there. Not from a so called veteran who "knows" the offense. You know the offense great, know that the play isn't there and stop the desperation throws. Learn to play another down.

    You wanna stick with that? Go ahead. I am for the Cowboys finding another solution at QB. I have stuck up for Romo long enough from time to time through out his tenure here. I have been on both sides of the fence.

    That last throw is unacceptable. Period.

    It's time for a change. If Garrett is staying though, so is Romo, so. It's all pointless..

    I will just hope for the best next season. And hopefully the damn team can stay healthier.
  11. Kangaroo

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    Dallas was planing on taking Dalton and the Bungles grabbed him right before Dallas's pick.
  12. hornitosmonster

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    kapernick, dalton, and wilson are not better than romo. you are missing the obvious. they have good lines and a running game.
  13. ajk23az

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    because Romo at least gives us a shot at the playoffs. Orton would not. and that is the point, to get on the playoffs. we can develop another qb behind Romo, not Orton.

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  14. demdcowboys#1

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    Ryan Mallet?

    Really... why?
  15. neosapien23

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    There is no reason why this team can't just keep Romo and draft a QB that falls in either the 2nd our 3rd round. I think this team will get a good solid prospect in the 3rd round and groom him for a year or two. This is a dissapointing loss and Romo definitely choked, but there is no reason to send him packing when he is still the best option at QB for the immediate future. Hell Dallas can always francise him the year after next if they don't want to commit big dollars to him but still give the younger option another year to learn.
  16. supafly

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    Work out a deal to some how trade him for Alex smith dummy, thats what. (trade him for picks, trade picks for Smith)
  17. hornitosmonster

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    Ryan Mallet

    just say Vick or Alex Smith. we know you want to
  18. lqmac1

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    Everyone says find a replacement, ok? That's the whole point of the damn thread. What is a replacement? Put yourself's in Jerry's position; give me what you'll do with him and WHO you'll replace him with! Sure you can play Orton and then most of the Romo bashers will go ape **** when we are 1-4 2-5 and the regrets of letting Romo go will be cried out! We were in the position of possibly going to the playoffs because of Romo and no one else! Go ask the 'Skins about playing with veteran back-ups. Qb's aren't to easy to come by!
  19. btcutter

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    Niners, Seahawks both build a TEAM first then acquire their QB. That's the key. BUILT A TEAM. I don't think Smith, Kapernick nor Wilson would be any good in Dallas this year with the case we have.

    Skin got a talent that comes around every 10-15 years. That's rare and not realistic.
  20. newlander

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    ryan mallett is an IDIOT....he was an idiot at U of M....and idiot at Arkansas and is still and IDIOT....sure he has some physical talent, but he makes Vince Young look intelligent: dude is a complete DOPE...........worst idea EVER:lmao2:

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