For those that want Romo fired please read

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Dec 31, 2012.

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    :laugh1: You guys have me cracking up today.
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    If you think swapping Alex Smith for Tony Romo makes this team better, then you know nothing about football.

    Smith had what the #1 ranked defense and the #1 ranked running game, here he doesn't. I won't get into a hypothetical argument of who is better, because it's obvious and since Smith will never play here, it's pointless, but adding Alex Smith to our 31st ranked rushing attack and our 19th ranked defense does not make us a playoff team.
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  5. Clove

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    I hate to say this, but maybe Garrett's offense is good enough, just that Romo isn't good enough to run it.

    Romo's biggest problem is, he has no guts for the big stage. HE just doesn't have it. You either have that or you don't. He's amazing, unless the big lights are on, then he fades back to an undrafted nobody.

    What good is having all those stats if you can't show up when you need him? What did Aikman do in San Fran for our first SB in the 90s? He threw a clutch pass, quickly and accurately, to Alvin Harper which put the game out of reach. It was CLUTCH.

    Then he went into the Super Bowl, against that decades version of the Patriots (Buffalo Bills high-powered offense) and Aikman simply calmed down, and destroyed that team.

    Believe me, regular season, and "game on the line" clutch are two different versions of clutch.

    Throw for 6000 yards, and 40 TDs, and not win the game to put you in the playoffs, to me, you suck.
  6. jday

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    I have a feeling Jerry Jones the owner will do everything he possibly can to get Johnny Manziel here, once he is draft eligible. Call it a hunch.
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    People are under this misconception that rookie qb's come in and dominate just because they saw RGIII and Wilson do it. Well news flash. Ponder, Weeden, Nick Foles, Jake Locker, etc. all SUCKED this year. Those are first year and second year pro's. You will have a better chance at getting a Brandon Weeden then you will a RGIII.
  8. rocyaice

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    Why are Cowboy fans posting stuff like this?
  9. Kangaroo

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    Nobody in their right mind thought Weeden was a good pick or was going to be a good rookie QB and Locker was another reach that had people scratching their head on draft day.
  10. birdwells1

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    I don't think that they are Cowboys fans, don't respond to it.
  11. Kingsham

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    Hassleback with the Seahawks...and not really, but sort of Kurt Warner with the cards

    McNair with the Titans...cmon son
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    I wanted Russell Wilson so bad! Sucks....we need a guy who can run like RGIII...that is the wave of the future...The Redskins are now the cream of the crop in the east...
  13. lqmac1

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    Exactly, man.
  14. rcaldw

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    Russell Wilson
    Christian Ponder
    Matt Schaub
    Andy Dalton
    Colin Kaepernick

    What do all those guys have in common? They are in the playoffs.

    Wilson - 1st year
    Ponder - 2nd year
    Schaub - was a backup in Atlanta
    Dalton - 2nd year
    Kaepernick - 2nd year

    I don't let Romo go without having a plan B, but I swear the post-Romo fear around here is crazy.
  15. juck

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    I have a feeling he may ask to be traded.
  16. Mansta54

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    Because we have stupid fans and it's a damn shame. Smh!!
  17. Mansta54

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    That feeling you have is probably just gas from being so full of crap. :rolleyes:
  18. birdwells1

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    I gotta give you props for showing up, thrashing everyone but the responsible parties.
  19. dstone2962

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    Why don't people understand that losing to get good draft picks is how you build a team. Ask the Spurs if they regret having one bad season to get Tim Duncan or if the Colts are wishing they had won 8 games last season because 'they'd be in the hunt'.
  20. DFWJC

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    That's even dumber than just cutting him outright.
    I'm not oppossed to trading him...but
    Alex freakin Smith?:lmao2:

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