For those that want Romo fired please read

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. cowboyfan4life2

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    Its absurd to think that this is a 2-14 team without romo, we aren't kansas city bad.
  2. HappyOnions

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    Yes, they've been terrific with him. Lets not forget a few season ago when this team started 1-6 with Romo mostly at the helm.

    Why is it so hard for some fans to understand that he simply isn't a great quarterback? He puts up numbers, but so does almost every QB in the league nowadays. He just doesn't come through when it matters the most.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    What he said is true. All other teams would be interested in Romo. Not necessarily to replace their starter but there is room for Romo on every NFL roster.
  4. trueblue1687

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    Oversimplistic response. It's intrinsic that we need to win ALL the games for that matter. Or at least enought to be relevant. Saying that if the team doesn't get in the hunt if they don't win is a given. Past that, if you're gonna hang all the wins around his neck as being "HIS", then you have to hang all the losses too. Which way do you want it? You can't cherry pick all the good and ignore the bad. ROmo has plenty of good, but facts are facts and he gives lots of heft to the naysayers who point out he can't win when we have to. That can't be ignored.
  5. cannonball44

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    This is what EVERYONE fails to realize. RG3 is working out of a gimmicky college offense and a strong run game. Luck is the only prodigy that would have warranted a move up and change of QB.
  6. SkinsFan28

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    That is the right way to run a direct snap. Many teams do it and on fake punts you do it. The idea is to get one guy on defense to react and get a seam for the runner. Dysfunctional plays are our very own swinging gate play a few years back.

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  7. Randy White

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    1) Kurt Warner played for the Cardinals in the last 5 years of his career. Just because he was arguably the best they ever had, doesn't mean he was a franchise QB at the time. He was that with the Rams, not the Cards.

    2) Matt Hasselbeck ? REALLY..?? :eek:
    3) Mark Brunell = Danny White
    4) Brett Favre playing for the Vikings is like saying Johnny Unitas playing for the Chargers or Joe Namath for the Rams.. Hell, even Favre himself for the Jets. You CANNOT possibly be serious..

    Rich Gannon ? Hell, you would have been better off bringing up Mark Rypien. NEITHER were franchise QBs, but at least he won a SB.

    Testaverde, Cullpepper ? Come on now..

    Jay Cutler = Tony Romo, who alot of people in here want to get rid of.
  8. HappyOnions

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    Matt Hasselbeck had the Seahawks consistently in the playoffs and took them to a Super Bowl. His stats are pretty good too so I don't know what's so confusing about him. Also, he's the franchises all-time leader in just about every single passing category.

    Rich Gannon was the league MVP in 2002 so yeah, he's definitely comparable to Mark Rypien...

    Kurt Warner was a franchise QB for the Cardinals. I don't see how taking them to a Super Bowl is suspect to his credibility with the team.

    Brett Favre playing for the Vikings is more like Joe Montana on the Chiefs. Both got their teams to their respective championship games.

    Brunell played in 2 AFC Championships, 2 more than Tony Romo.

    Daunte Cullpepper put up better numbers than Romo and took his team further. Vinny was more of a game manager but still took his team further than Romo.

    Why is Romo better than these guys again? He's no more than a modern-day Jim Everett; lots of stats, no playoff results.
  9. Fastphilly

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    Jim Everett made it to a conference championship game;)
  10. Kangaroo

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    Hell Crystal Chandelier made it to a Super Bowl Chris Chandler for those that never heard the nickname thrown around during his career.
  11. Fastphilly

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    That nickname was used here in the Bay Area. I guess because Atlanta was in our division back then we kept a close eye on them. He got the nickname because he always got bit by the injury bug.
  12. Kangaroo

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    He had before then; when he was the starter in Houston while they groomed McNair he already had the name because he always came up injured he was a pretty good QB when he was healthy
  13. Fastphilly

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    Completely forgot he played for Houston. Well playing on that green concrete at the Astrodome I'll give him a pass on the injuries. That was truly the house of pain.

    I still remember when a brittle Montana went in there with the Chiefs and took it to them.

    I don't know what it is about mixing Houston with NFL football. It's two ingredients that equal up to the most epic choke shows the league has ever seen..LOL

    Houston Texans seem to be carrying on the tradition as of late:lmao2:
  14. HappyOnions

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    Haha touche. I guess I'll have to think of another...
  15. Fastphilly

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    No worries. There have been so many bums that have suited up over the years it's hard to remember them all..LOL!!

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