For what it's worth: Could the Bucs make a trade for Cowboys’ Jenkins?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Our fans are dumb. Plain and simple.
  2. Yeagermeister

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    Felix and Jenkins will still be Cowboys Friday morning
  3. BAZ

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    Trade for Moss, bench KO.....superbowl....
  4. silver

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  5. 28 Joker

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    I bet the Green Bay Packers would take Felix Jones right now. I wish Felix could go there now, because Dallas' run blocking has been putrid this year. Furthermore, the Packers are "winning", as Charlie Sheen states. They run quite a bit of inside zone, and Jones is a perfect fit in their overall offense. Jones has the talent and he's cheap and he's young. I bet the Packers look at him in free agency next year. Jones is just the type of player the Packers would go for. However, Murray is out; so that isn't happening.

    Furthermore, the Packers and the rest of the NFL saw Jones' 18-92-1 against Baltimore, a game where running lanes and push actually existed. The Baltimore game was a thing of beauty, because Jones' play was unfiltered. The fans got to see Jones on the field with their own eyes. The extremely biased DFW media and some delusional fans were neutralized for a week. If Romo allows Kevin Ogletree to get set after he moves him, Jones busts 100 rushing yards in that game and the 20 carry mark. Unfortunately, the last two games have been blocked very poorly. The Cowboys really miss Phil Costa and Martellus Bennett in the running game. Tyron Smith is an elite run blocker, but he can't block 8 or 9 guys all by himself. Que the trench guys...

    Importantly, Felix and Jenkins are not going any where, because Jason Garrett is probably coaching for his job, imo. Tanner and Dunbar, despite the iconic status given to them by some people, have some severe limitations.

    If Felix gets some rushing lanes against the Falcons, he will shut the idiots up for another week. In fact, this is a big game for Jones, because he might just be playing in Atlanta next year. This is a great audition for him. Now, if he just had some rushing lanes and some push... That is another story.
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    Aren't you a special little boy.
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    With all the TB injuries and being hamstrung with Carl Nicks on IR, TB isn't going anywhere so they aren't about to make in season trades. The trade deadline is for teams that think a player can help them get into or further into the playoffs.
  8. 28 Joker

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    I'm sitting here eating my pork chop and realized that I said "Que" the trench guys.

    Seriously, Cue those guys up...

    I bet they would trade Jenkins and Feilx for a strong guard and center that could open up a clean lane and get a push, secure their guy, get to the second level and secure linebackers... The run blocking needs some stronger players, and Martellus Bennett could dominate his edge and even keep really tight lanes open. Costa was throwing Haloti Ngata all over the place.

    All kidding aside... I'd bring in Montrae Holland or play Dockery and move Bernadeau to center. I'd let the Oklahoma tight-end wham people and block on the edge.
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    Do you think other teams saw the fumbles this year or all times Felix tripped over his own feet? He will be lucky to start in the UFL after this season.

    I know, I couldn't help myself.
  10. Risen Star

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    The only way I trade a cornerback is if I get two back in return.
  11. dallasdave

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    Hey, thats good aobut holiday inn:lmao2:
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    I heard that they're going to trade Tyron Smith for Janoris Jenkins.
  13. jnday

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    I have noticed that you have an strange infatuation for the position.
  14. Wolf2k5

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    Can we get a pick for trading them?
  15. fifaguy

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    Possible the Lions could make a move for him too? Delmas is injured again. However they prob not more of a safety.

    When is the trade deadline??
  16. Mr_Bill

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    Sorry, you don't trade away any player that can help you this year unless you have given up on the season. It is way too soon for that, and, therefore, it is way too soon to trade away any starter or key reserve.

    If one of our top-three corners goes down for even one game, we have nothing of quality to replace him with if Jenkins is gone.

    There are too many players on this team who are fighting their butts off to give up on the season, which this would be seen as.
  17. kirkjrk

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    Totally agree. To me it's a no brainer for the FO. You have to have those extra picks to improve the team next year or any year for that fact. Many of the top teams always seem to have those one or two extra picks that make their drafts top of the pack. We would have to go 6-3, and most probably 7-2, to make the playoffs. There is nothing this team has shown to date that makes me a believer that could happen. Jenkins,Jones, Spencer(if we are not signing him next ), Dez is a lost cause and will continue giving away points in many, if not all, games. The FO has a chance to make some moves that could really help improve this team next year, but like always will probably set on their hands and let the players walk and get nothing in return. That's simply poor management. Their management style is reactive and not proactive and will always leave you following the pack with this style.
  18. jnday

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    I am glad somebody can grasp the reality of the situation.
  19. Hostile

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    The trade deadline is 4:00 PM Eastern tomorrow, and as I said days ago, nothing will happen.
  20. JackWagon

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    And the GM proves that along with most people on this board ... they over value the current players.

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