Forget your own mocks, what will the Boys actually do

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Forget your own mock and your own preferences, what do you think Jerry Jones will do on draft day??????????

    I'm thinking this is how it's gonna go down!

    #22 W.R. Devin Thomas Needs a weapon opposite T.O. and a future 31 w.R., and going by who we wanted last year with Meacham and Bowe, he fits in the category of the size/speed ratio of the W.R.'s we wanted last year.

    #28 trades 28 and 2nd rounder to Falcons for their two 2nd rounders.

    2nd Round: R.B. Jamaal Charles - Unless Felix Jones fall this far, I think he goes with Charles here to compliment Barber.

    2nd Round: C.B./S. Charles Godfrey - Needs C.B. depth andhe could move to safety if need be, all around athlete with great triangular numbers, and we've been looking at this kid!

    3rd Round: C.B. Zach Bowman - takes another C.B. for much needed depth and when we lose Henry next year IMO.

    4th Round: F.S./S.S. Bobbie Williams - Versatille Safety can play either position, gives us a nice backup to replace Keith Davis and gives us options at safety if Roy leaves or we don't wanna resign Hamlin.

    5th Round: D.T. Jason Shirley - Big boy who can run like the wind for a big boy, wide body we need in the middle of our defense.

    6th Round: Pacman

    7th Round: G. Jordan Grimes

    Overall draft is!

    On offense we add

    W.R. Devin Thomas
    R.B. Jamaal Charles
    G. Jordan Grimes

    We get our future #1 W.R. and compliment to Barber and add some depth on the O-line.

    On defense we add

    C.B. Pacman Jones
    C.B. Zach Bowman
    C.B./S. Charles Godfrey
    F.S./S.S. Bobbie Williams
    D.T. Jason Shirley

    Our seconday will be set for a long time and we'd have a lot of options on Henry/Newman/Hamlin/Roy also!
    Pacman replaces Reeves, Godfrey replaces our other C.B. (name slips my mind and could also play Safety, Bowman adds more speed and depth when we lose Henry next year he'll step up on depth chart, and Bobbie Williams replaces Keith Davis with a lot more starting potential.
    Shirley earns a spot and eventually Ratliff moves to D.E. to replace Spears with Tank and Shirley at N.T.!

    This was more for our tp 3 picks then anything, picks round 3 on are my own favorites the way I'd like the draft to go, I basically want an idea of who you think the top 3 picks that JERRY will pick, not your own favorites.
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    What will the Cowboys do?

    1. Brandon Albert, G
    1. Kentwan Balmer, DE
    2. Kevin Smith, RB
    3. Atyba Rubin, NT
    4. Harry Douglas, WR
    5. David Roach, S
    6. PACMAN
    7. DJ Hall, WR

    Or something crazy like that.
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    i'm not sure if we get a WR in the 1st round. I feel bad for any WR/RB we get in the 1st round look at the shadows they will be playing under.
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    I thought you said forget your mocks? Or do you mean we should forget our mocks and just believe yours is the most accurate?
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    Wow. I actually don't hate that mock. :eek::
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    Outside of Thomas Charles and Godfrey the mock is crap
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    I think given the depth and need at CB they go CB before WR or RB.

    Atlanta actually has three 2nd rounders, #34, #37 & #48. I think it is more likely this pick would be traded for a veteran WR if it is traded at all.

    I can see that.

    As I said earlier, I think we go CB first.

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    If we pick up Pacman (gag), I think we'll take Felix Jones with a pick and trade the other out of the first likely picking up a 2nd round WR and possibly another CB on day 1. That would round us out as far as needs.
    I think there will be some quality WR's had in the second and we won't need a first round CB if we add Pacman so JJ will likely be looking to deal with one of the first round picks IMO.
    That's what I think will happen....
    If I had my wishes....I'd like to have 3 first round picks to take a WR, CB, and RB
    I'd love to have a WR like Malcolm Kelly or J Hardy
    a RB like Felix Jones
    and a CB like A Talib, M Jenkins, or Antoine Cason.

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