Former Bears GM Angelo rates Romo 15th best QB in 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Here is his list of the Chicago Bears QBs

    1. Josh McCown
    2. Jay Cutler
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    good read.
    thanks for sharing…...
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    typical cherry picking. Now why don't you compare Brady and Rodgers and company.

    Oh and by the way since they all have better over all teams (since they consistently make the playoffs) you have to factor that in too.
    By the way check Rodgers come backs (like three in his entire career!)
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    another one that failed football 101
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    Evaluating QB's has never been Angelo's specialty. Same guy that stuck with Rex Grossman as being the franchise QB when everybody and their mother could see he wasn't even starting material.

    I kinda see the instinct thing with Romo, but I think his instinct is still better than average. Where I tend to have a problem with Romo is that he will audible into a pass play whenever the defense shows blitz. He will know where to go with the ball with the blitz. But a smart D-Coordinator sets it up by giving up those plays, figuring out where Romo is going with the ball, then further into the game show the blitzes again, but change the coverage or the blitz so they can go right where they know Romo is going with the ball. I think that explains a lot of the late game interceptions. I think Romo definitely has to take the blame, but so does the coaching for allowing the constant audibles into pass plays to happen. I think the one thing I've come away with Garrett's reign as coach is that his big weakness is that he always allows the opponent to dictate what the offense does instead of the other way around.

    My bigger issue with Romo this year was that he was simply missing open receivers. He wasn't seeing them this year. Looking at the All-22 tape, Dez was getting open a lot. And the O-Line usually had the protection for it. But it wasn't just Dez, if Romo was in the pocket and a receiver was breaking open deep, Romo wouldn't see them regardless if they were Dez, Williams or Witten. If they did throw it deep to the open receiver, it was usually on an extended play. His accuracy was also off which was bothersome, but not seeing open receivers downfield is a greater concern for me.

    Anyway, not in a million years would I rank Newton above Brees based on this year.

    And his comments on Matt Ryan are just stupid. Hey, if you take away a quality O-Line, quality running game and quality WR's, you will see a QB's flaws! Thanks Captain Obvious.

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    So where do you rank him? I have him somewhere in the 11-12 range. 9-10?
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    Thanks for that.

    I knew those stats he was putting out there for the 4th quarter were BS.
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    I'm sorry, but this is BS
    Great, great post right here. Very well said.
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    Yes sir. 100% correct.
    The primary difference between today and the Dave Campo years is Tony Romo.

    And Percy, love the stat in your sig as well.
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    Your right.

    So Romo better start learning how to play defensive tackle. He may as well learn to play both the 1 and 3 technique positions since we need both.

    And while he's rushing the QB, he can also be that ball hawk safety and his boss Jerry Jones refuses to get. Tony is pretty talented, you know.
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    I dont think Russell Wilson or Colin Kapernick is better than Big Dumb (what I like to call Roethlisberger), this year or any year for that matter.
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    I think this is a very fair critique of Tony Romo this year. I think his back was a factor in his lack of accuracy this year. But that's only speculation on my part.

    And he does audible way too much to me liking.

    Despite this, he's still a top 10 QB in my book.
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    Parcells said that Romo is the kind of player that you have to keep reeled in because he is such a risk taker.
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    #1 QB in the league for excuses. You can tell your grandkids what could have been

    IF ONLY Tony had.....
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    People with no leg to stand on reject actual facts and writes them off as excuses. Go for it.
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    In my investigation, I found that when former girlfriends are not in attendance, and the game is not on an odd number day, on monday night, and their is a blood moon, Tony has pretty good numbers.
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    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'll see your 5 and raise you 20.......Multiple sources
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    Here's two right off the top of my story list: I'll scan through and find more:
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    Just to reiterate, coult's stats are indeed true. Whether it's considered cherry picking or not is a matter of debate but nothing what he stated SSS false.

    From @nflnetwork research: Romo has thrown 8 INT in final 5 minutes of 4th quarter when game is within 7 points, most in @nfl last 3 years.
    — Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano) December 18, 2013

    Again you can call it cherry picking but it's factual.

    Personally, the list is bogus IMO because Romo is better than Newton and Kaepernick and had better statistical year. However, I also don't believe stats tell the whole story.

    I also personally believe that if Romo had Seattles D, he would have won a ring. My personal opinion
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    Not to mention this ranking of 27th on third downs. Clutch

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