Former Cowboys on winning teams (2005)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Charles, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Matt Lehr seems to have found a home with the Falcons. He's back to blocking for his collegiate Qb (Hokies) and he's in the town that has much better strip clubs than Dallas........remember there were some blurbs coming out of Valley Ranch that Parcells didn't like Lehr because he frequented the local gentlemen clubs.

    Dementric Evans. He's a solid contributor on Gregg Williams defense. He has 2 sacks. I think thats 2 more than Wynn and Daniels (starting Skins DEs) combined.

    Michael Myers. His weight was always a problem. These days he's listed at 300lbs. I don't ever remember Myers being that huge. He always seemed to get pushed around. Anyway he's a starter for the 6-2 Broncos along side 1st RD pick Gerrad Warren on the 5th ranked rushing defense.

    Ebenezer Ekuban. He's a solid back-up to Courtney Brown another 1st RD bust. He has just as many sacks as Brown .....1, but I think we all know Ekubans niche was stopping the run.

    Can't think of any other players but watching these guys produce on good teams is almost shocking. These were draft picks under Larry Lacewells scouting department. Can you think of any other former Cowboys on good teams this season?
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    Joey Galloway.. Buccs... was doing okay until Griese went down, another rookie QB for him... doh!

    Jimmy Smith.... Jags, we all still regret the decision to cut him, still looking good only with Leftwich instead of Brunell
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    Dexter Coakley... Rams.... Rams are at least .500 right? Haven't really watched any of their games yet... Seems like offense is still the unit getting it done there, although been running a lot more lately.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    And he did okay yesterday even with Simms. ;)
  5. Charles

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    Yeah his long TD catches always seem to be more dramatic than others. maybe it because of the separates from DBs.

    One minute they are shoulderto shoulder.........Galloway takes 2 steps and there is like a 5 yard separation. He is fast and quick.
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    I was a fan of Lehr......hated for hime to leave us.
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    Yeah, he had some decent numbers yesterday. Was checking out that San Fran box score and did better than I thought he did too. Man, the sports shows around here in Florida are always going off about how they miss Griese, woulda thought Galloway's numbers had dropped even more.

    Right now ESPN has him projected at 88 receptions, 1462 yards, 16.6 average and 12 touchdowns. Great, NOW he starts putting up those Seattle stats! :bang2:

    Was comparing it to Terry Glenn who is projected at 72 receptions, 1364 yards, 18.9 average, and 6 TDs. I know folks want to compare Key and Galloway because they were the main guys in the trade but I think if Joey had stayed, Bill wanted him to play a similar role that Terry already fulfilled.
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    Galloway is cursed. Wherever he goes, any legitimate starting NFL QB is destined to get hurt and a green, average to weak-armed QB will take his place. Simms was TERRIBLE vs. Carolina. I saw him make the worst sideline pass since Jim Harbough complete for a Carolina TD the other way-- and then throw the exact same stupid pass and have it nearly get picked as well.

    Even Simms apologists have to admit he has no zip on his throws. He can heave the ball deep, but every NFL QB can do that. Galloway was doing fine, now he's going to waste again. Mirer, Friesz, Kitna, Hasselbeck, Carter, Wright, Leaf, Stoerner, Simms, and ailing Brad Johnson-- Galloway really pissed off someone upstairs. He has a some games with Warren Moon(at age 40) and Brian Griese (castoff) to tell his grandkids about. Sheesh.
  9. TruBlueCowboy

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    I think what I like best about Galloway is regardless of whatever he goes through, you never hear him talking to the press or other crap and complaining. He's a stand up guy. I can think of a lot of NFL pros who would have folded under that disaster of having to go from Quincy to Hutchinson to whomever, but Joey was always positive about it. He earned my respect. I wish Parcells could have found some way to make it work with him. Maybe we should have kept him instead of Terry Glenn?
  10. Charles

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    Like Galloway, I think he was a good enough football player to be ona Parcells team but he wasn't a Parcells guy. He's from Woodbridge Va. Not a NY ot NJ guy :)
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    woodbridge? what hs did he go to?
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    That and he wasn't very good to begin with. He was a lousy center.

  13. Charles

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    He went to Woodbridge HS.

    He was ALL world.
  14. Charles

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    Yep. He was lousy at center,but he played decently at RG and LG. He contributed and switched position like Gurode and Walters did.
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    Look at what the Bucs' other two WR's and their TE have done, compared to the guys Glenn has to share catches with:
    61 catches 566 yards 2 TD

    90 catches 1,137 yards 9 TD

    The Bucs are basically getting no production from anybody besides Galloway, who is the ONLY Bucs WR with a TD catch thru 8 games.
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    You left off Brandon Noble. Yeah, he hasn't played this year, but he's still on a team with a winning record.
  17. TX_Yid

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    Quincy Morgan playing for the Steelers. I saw him catch a pass last week. Which was nice.
  18. Charles

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    Yeah.....That was a good fit of Morgan. The Steelers have a pretty versatile REC core w/ Ward, Heath Miller :bow: , Randle El and Cedric Wilson.
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    Randall Godfrey starts for San Diego

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