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Former Gator Dominique Easley quells nerves, doubts with pro day showing

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

    8,622 Messages
    3,171 Likes Received
    With the exception of Lee, Mo and ......., which ones did it work out okay for?
  2. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

    16,628 Messages
    12,934 Likes Received
    I worry about spending a 2nd on a guy who has had two acl's too.

    However, the guy really has some rare traits for an undersized DT. He is extremely quick-twitch and is as explosive as Sapp, Randle, Glover, etc. were. If the Dallas doctors think his knees will hold up... and can guarantee that Marinelli would love to have this guy.

    And really, we would never have a shot at Easley in the 2nd if he didn't have the injury that he's recovering from. So, we can get a DT in the second that might be able to be as explosive and disruptive as Geno Atkins (Easley) or we can draft one who we know isn't as explosive and disruptive as Atkins (every other DT who will be there in the 2nd).

    The payoff will be so big if his knee holds up that I would be sorely tempted to do it. Even working him in slowly in a rotation, he would still have plenty of chances to get after the QB.

    I don't know... ultimately I suppose I would have to hear what the doctors said in order to make a decision.
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  3. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

    8,622 Messages
    3,171 Likes Received
    The talent is tempting, no doubt about it. My concern is that he will create the same problems as Lee. Great player when healthy, but injuries seem to cause more problems than he is worth at times. It is hard to build a defensive scheme and game plans around players that may or may not be healthy enough to play.
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  4. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

    16,628 Messages
    12,934 Likes Received
    Yeah, you won't have any argument from me on that, man.
  5. starfrombirth

    starfrombirth Well-Known Member

    4,593 Messages
    890 Likes Received
    [​IMG]Dominique Easley
    Height6' 2"Weight288 lbs

    Dominique is an enigma folks. His physical traits don't jive with his physique at all. He has elite speed for a lineman not good, not great, but elite and I'm not just talking interior linemen but DE's as well. He has more speed than any dlineman not named Barr (if you count him as dline instead of linebacker). Yes folks he is faster than Clowney. His problem tho is that he plays with zero strength... none whatsoever. At almost 290 lbs you would expect him to be stronger... he's not. His whole game is predicated on speed and penetration and he does a great job of playing violently and getting past the blocks. However, if the oline can stabilize in front of him it's all over. Easley commands the other teams full attention often commanding double and triple teams often with blatant holds. In fact he was a lot of the reason Floyd was so good. They couldn't double both of them (as the saying goes). If it wasn't for his knees he would be being talked about in the same breath as Donald and Barr. His strength or lack thereof drops him out of Clowney's class. Guys and gals this guy is good and if we have a chance to take him in the 2nd we need to jump on it and do everything in our power to keep his knees healthy.

    Additionally he carries his weight really well looking like he could add another 10-15 lbs of muscle and maintain his speed... Just an FYI
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