Former players suing over NFL Films

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by erod, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Former players are now filing a class action lawsuit against the NFL for running highlights of old games without their written consent.

    They're running ads on the NFL Network for "former players and family of former players."

    Petty and pathetic.
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    My first thought is SMH but this is also the league that fines players for the wrong socks and makes a killing off all kinds of licensing rights and licensed NFL official products much of which is somehow related to the players. If they spend the money on helping down and out former players and pay them a stipend and some health insurance then I'll have a little understanding.

    It's all starting to get ludicrous and way overpriced.
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  5. Future

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    Agree completely.

    There is no reason the players shouldn't get paid a portion of all the money that the NFL makes on those old vids/games.
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    On the fast track to flag football
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    Half of them are damn near crippled because of how physical the game was. These guy put their body on the line. Way more then the current gen players. I don't feel sorry for the NFL. Like another poster said they fine players for wearing the wrong socks. They should take care of their own. I thought the NFL was supposed to be a fraternity? Not to those corporate white suits who worry about the absolute buck.
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  8. joseephuss

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    I understand that, but the claim has always been they only played for the love of the game. That is bull and these lawsuits prove that. They wanted money then just like the current generation wants money now. They just weren't in position to get it, so they are going after it now.
  9. Yoshimitsu

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    They built the NFL to where it is now. I think they deserve a peace of the pie. They got families and medical bills to take care of. That's all I'm saying. You would feel the same. Screw the love of the game. It's hard out here to make a living now days.

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