Former Purdue quarterback happy with NFL workout

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    Former Purdue quarterback happy with NFL workout
    By MIKE CARMIN • • March 13, 2010

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    Buzz up!Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A Maybe it was the gold Nike shoes Joey Elliott was wearing during Friday's NFL Workout Day at Purdue that allowed him to reach a personal best in the 40-yard dash.

    "A 4.60 is the best time I've ever ran in my career," the quarterback said. "I'll take that."
    Elliott was among 15 players from last year's roster to showcase their skills before 20 NFL scouts inside the Mollenkopf Center. Two players -- defensive tackle Mike Neal and cornerback David Pender -- participated at last month's NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
    For most, Friday was a one-time opportunity to impress scouts.
    "It's a little stressful knowing this was a huge job interview," center Jared Zwilling said. "You only get one shot at it and then you have to wait another month to see if you get hired."
    The NFL Draft takes place April 22-24.
    To prepare for Friday's offering of shuttle runs, vertical jumps and individual drills, most remained in West Lafayette to train. Elliott spent a majority of his time in Florida working under former NFL quarterback Steve DeBerg.
    "Like a bullet," running back Jaycen Taylor said of Elliott's arm strength. "His training went well. He's throwing a little harder than in the fall.
    "He's jamming fingers now. He had to come out and do the best that he could, so I'm not mad at him for gunning it at me."
    Even the defensive backs took notice of Elliott's arm strength.
    "His arm has gotten a lot stronger," safety Torri Williams said.
    Elliott knows the scouts were interested in his arm strength and foot speed.
    "Everybody has been calling coach (Gary) Nord and coach (Danny) Hope and questioning my time in the 40," Elliott said. "People were joking if I was going to break a 5.0. I said, 'Coach, let's bet a steak on it.' "
    Elliott said he's developed a quicker release during the last three months training in Florida.
    "I think my arm is strong enough and whatever the throw is I can make it," he said. "I tried to speed it up a little bit. That was my goal going to Florida, speed up my release so you can hold the ball a little longer. In the NFL, the windows are a little bit shorter."
    Now Elliott and the others wait to see if NFL teams want to hold additional workouts. Pender said he's going to work out for the Cleveland Browns next week.
    "I'm pretty sure in the next few weeks different teams will be calling me and working me out," he said.
    Long snapper Andy Huffman has been invited to work out for the Chicago Bears. Huffman didn't play last season after suffering an elbow injury in 2008.

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