Former Ute sprints toward draft; brian mccain

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    Former Ute sprints toward draft
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Brice McCain needed little more than four seconds to establish his NFL potential.

    A great workout in front of NFL scouts pushed the former Utah defensive back up from unlikely to quite possibly on the long list of potential draftees. McCain's times in the 40-yard dash were undeniably fast -- so fast that he may be a late-round pick next weekend.

    A three-year starter for the Utes, McCain said NFL interest in him was higher his junior season than after Utah's unbeaten run through 2008.
    "A lot of people lost interest in me. I never knew why," said McCain. "With my 40 time, I've just gotten more looks."

    It took more than his time, which NFL scouts listed as 4.30 seconds, to get McCain to potential-pick status. He also had to show he could cut and go side-to-side just as quickly in the agility drills, but his speed in the straight run is what people are talking about.

    "We knew he was that fast," Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said. "I was happy to see him do it in front of the scouts because I think a lot of the scouts didn't believe us when we told them how fast he was. They got to see it firsthand."

    The 40 has been part of football's evaluation process for decades. McCain, who's only 5-foot-9, knew he was going to have to run a fast 40 and excel in the other drills if he was going to get serious consideration in the draft.

    He enrolled at TEST Sports Football Academy in New Jersey and worked with strength and conditioning specialist Brian Martin to hone his form for all the pre-draft drills over several weeks.

    "He needed to have incredible numbers to get on the draft board," said Martin, a former college linebacker who founded TEST.

    For players like McCain, the workouts in front of the scouts either corroborate or contradict what he had done in college.

    McCain watched video of some early 40s he ran for Martin and saw his body was at a slight angle as he made the sprint. With a few tweaks in his stride and more pump from his shoulders, McCain shaved nearly one-tenth of a second off his 40 time.

    Martin said during one run, three different timers had McCain running a 4.19.

    "I've never seen a faster athlete in my life," Martin said.

    McCain may have been just as fast during his workout at Utah's indoor practice facility on March 9, but times vary because each scout keeps his own stopwatch. The times listed with the NFL were 4.30 and 4.34 -- which were still fast under any circumstances.

    "I got the same treatment everybody else got I got. I think I just took more advantage of it," McCain said. "Anybody can run fast, but can you play? And I can play."

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    i am beginning to wonder if brian is the one that is the elite cb and that makes sean smith look good because the teams wouldnt throw at brian mccain. Thoughts?
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    Brice, joe... not Brian, Brice... I like the kid...
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    Shhh .... don't upset the delicate sensibilities on some on this board, delusion can make them do strange things.

    McCain was the shut down corner on the Utes. Sean Smith was a converted WR who came into his own in 2008, but McCain has always been the real deal (as a returner too). He's just short, and not as much of a ball hawk.
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    cool bat, i like the way you said shhh
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    I've watched every Ute game and McCain is good, but he's not better than Smith. They complimented each other well.

    I think McCain will be a late round pick and can make his mark in the NFL as a PR/KR. I don't think he has the size to play CB except in some nickel situations perhaps.
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    We need 2 CBs...................Vote McCain and McCourty in 2009
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    I also follow Utah. McCain was the corner that opposing teams game planned until sometime in 2007. Sean Smith has eye popping size and very good straight line speed (4.48) but his notoriety is b/c of his hands for the INT (he is poor in man2man, has bad technique overall, still learning the position). McCain is much much better in terms of technique and versatility (can mirror WRs in man2man, speed & instincts to play man off & zone). If McCain was 2 inches taller he would be a first day pick. He is the fastest corner in this draft (timed at 4.33 but reputed to have 4.28s the previous year). Plus McCain is more physical than his size suggests.

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