News: Fox: Cowboys can't afford a wasted offseason

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    Cowboys can't afford a wasted offseason
    Keith Whitmire

    The Cowboys' offseason failures came back to haunt them in their biggest game of the season.

    Faced with a "win-or-go-home" regular-season finale at New York on Sunday night, the Cowboys were humbled 31-14, with two of the most glaring shortcomings residing in the offensive line and secondary.

    Turn the clock back to the end of the 2010 season. After missing the playoffs and seeing their coach fired mid-season, what were the Cowboys' biggest needs on the field heading into the offseason? Yup, offensive line and defensive backfield.

    It looks like those will remain the priorities after watching Sunday's events. Tony Romo was constantly running for his life, being sacked six times.

    The Giants have a talented and deep defensive line, but it was open season on Romo from the opening kickoff...
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    The sad part about this is that our defensive back field has been an issue the last three years and we are still adressing it. Our owner needs to put a fire under the arse of the GM or give him his walking papers...Oh wait, ahhh, never mind. :eek:
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    :) ;)
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    What team can?
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    Good article. Everything he says is true. Coming into the season our question marks were the secondary and offensive line. And those are the two things that killed us the most in this game.

    If only jerry would get the hint and finally address it. Sure, they drafted Smith in the first, but did nothing else to improve the line. If anything, it was worse than it has been in a long time. And they did nothing to improve the secondary.
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    Patriots. :laugh2:
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