News: FOX: Cowboys the anti-Tebows in crunch time

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    Cowboys the anti-Tebows in crunch time

    December 12, 2011

    It seems Broncos QB Tim Tebow is a weekly sports miracle-maker with yet another come-from-behind Denver victory. FULL STORY »»

    A promising season slipping away is an all-too-familiar holiday tradition to Cowboys fans.
    ARLINGTON, Texas — Sunday in the NFL brought yet another reminder of the thrill of the improbable; the unadulterated joy of the seemingly impossible comeback.

    There was Tim Tebow doing what feels like his almost weekly sports miracle-making in yet another come-from-behind Denver victory. And then Jason Pierre-Paul and Eli Manning somehow out-miracled the Broncos a little later, not only beating the Cowboys, 37-34, in shocking fashion, but also saving the Giants' season, for now.

    Behind every amazing comeback are the little moments of failure that spring them. We tend to forget those moments because they are not sexy. They focus on the goat, not the hero. They are negative.
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    She's right.

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