Fox Czar Blog: T.O. returns … finally

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    Up in Oxnard, Terrell Owens returned to the field after missing 14 practices, and the Cowboys' world rejoiced. Maybe there's a chance that T.O. and Drew Bledsoe can get on the same page and find a rhythm, one that was obviously missing on Wednesday. The two apparently weren't in sync.

    Coach Bill Parcells has handled the T.O. onslaught as best he could, considering he's an old-school coach who likes to see his best players practice. Nor is he used to selfish stars, considering his legion of leaders like Phil Simms, Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor and Curtis Martin. When T.O. put on the Discovery Channel bike shirt and the bicycle helmet, he was definitely saying, "Hey, look at me."

    When asked, Parcells said he wasn't "pissed off" by the absences and antics of T.O. This was after many saw Owens apparently run at full speed after practices on Monday and Tuesday. I mean, if he can do that, why not put on the pads with his teammates?

    It's not so much that Owens is disliked; it's just that he comes to Dallas with a shaky and sketchy past. The trainers, coaches and players in Dallas really don't know Owens like, say, their counterparts in Carolina who never had a doubt about receiver Steve Smith, who missed comparable practice time due to a sore hamstring. Smith has a track record with the Panthers — and they trust him.

    It is amazing that Owens hasn't taken any of this into consideration when he blurts that he was surprised anyone questioned his toughness. It's also pretty funny that Fort-Worth columnist Randy Galloway has taken to calling him "Eldorado" Owens.

    And just consider what Cowboys executive Stephen Jones told Galloway: "We will see if (Owens) can help us and hope that some of the things that have happened in the past don't creep back into the picture."

    That, basically, sums it up.
    Many thought that Owens, given a fresh $10 million opportunity by Dallas owner Jerry Jones, would be on his best behavior this summer, wanting to make friends and proving his worth. He's never been a fan of training camp practices in the past, and he's apparently decided not to change his tune.


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