News: Fox: Decoding Garrett: Attack of the drive killers

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    Decoding Garrett: Attack of the drive killers
    Bob Sturm

    Sometimes, one of the most difficult jobs of an NFL offense is to not "beat yourself". This can manifest itself in many ways, but clearly, the best way to stop a drive is with a turnover, penalty, or to allow a sack.

    These three possibilities are called "drive killers" or "drive stoppers" in many coaching circles. Drive killers can make a decent drive into a punt. It can make a TD into a FG. It can take a win and turn it into a loss. Drive killers come in many forms, but here are the numbers in the 2010 season for what drive killers can do to an offense.

    In 2010, teams scored touchdowns on only 18% of drives that had offensive penalties. Drives that included negative rushes only resulted in TDs on 14% of the time. Sacks? If a drive had a sack, only 7% would then end up in the end zone with 7 points. And, it goes without saying that 0% of drives with turnovers get touchdowns. I don't have the numbers league-wide for 2011, but I believe that most who follow the Cowboys would confirm that sometimes the best defense is an offense that insists on getting in it's on way.

    So, on days like Thanksgiving Day, you understand why coaches go on and on about "not beating ourselves" and getting execution clean and precise. It is really difficult to beat your opponent when you are beating yourself....
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    There's some info missing that would give the stats some punch, I think, such as the league TD scoring average on "clean drives." We know what the average is for drives that have penalties, sacks, etc., but it would be nice to see what the drop-off is...
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    Very good observation. As are many motivated views, once the problem is cledaned up and those indicators are stronger, the interest in just that probably will come back out. And I still love that sig picture of yours.:starspin

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