Fox, NBC vie for piece of Cowboys-Redskins showdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. RomoIzDaMan

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    NBC took the week 17 Cowboys at Giants game from Fox.I suspect they will get away with this one,too_Only reason I want it kept on Fox is because Cowboys NBC night game history is atrocious
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    I think NBC gets it too....however, it could be changed to the FOX late game....and a game that could be flexed, pending on what happens today.....Ravens at Bengals....not a big TV draws and Cowboys / Redskins, not even close.
    But that game could decide the AFC North.

    Cowboys win today, that sets up Cowboys / Redskins to determine NFC East
    Baltimore loses Giants, Bengals beat Steelers, next weeks game determines AFC North

    Bigger TV draw obvious Cowboys / Redskins, which I think gets flexed if Cowboys win today, and regardless of Redskins outcome.
  3. Eddie

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    I agree. It's past my bed time.

    Plus, we have a bad way of messing up those nationally televised late games with everything on the line.
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    Yeah, and they said the same thing about Vick the last couple of years - that's what I love about this game, it doesn't care about perception or hype, the truth always wins out. So maybe RGIII is better than Romo, maybe he isn't. But I guarantee that anything the Cowboy hater, Tom Jackson says, won't have an ounce of impact on shaping the reality. And for what it's worth, I'll stick with our guy, thanks Tom.
  5. cowboys2233

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    I don't see how Fox has any chance. I'm sure the contract language is very clear in this regard There's bound to be important games at seasons end that multiple networks are fighting over, so they would want this topic to be especially clear.
  6. Cowboy Brian

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  7. NorthTexan95

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    Keep it at 1 PM next Sunday. That gives me the most time to calm down after a win or a loss.
  8. rbr651

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    This is a joke right? hahaha, Aikman is by no way partial to the Cowboys when it comes to calling their games, I would go out on a limb and say it's been totally opposite. I honestly think he couldn't care less.

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