Fox Sports: 11 Reasons the Cowboys Need to Draft Johnny Football

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Boyzmamacita, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Boyzmamacita

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    Logic says Johnny Manziel will not be a Cowboy. The heck with that.

    It's going to happen. It has to happen. Please, Roger Goodell, make it happen!

    It would be soooo perfect. The most riveting college player in years going to the NFL's most popular and polarizing team.

    Sure, the Cowboys have the 16th or 17th draft pick, depending on a coin flip. They aren't loaded with future picks to deal. They already have Tony Romo and his salary. They also have Jerry Jones, so brilliant draft maneuvering is out of the question.

    But for every good reason to say it'll never happen, there's a better one saying it has to. Here are 10 reasons why Dallas should trade up and turn Johnny Football into Johnny Cowboy.

    1. Romo is 33 – Make that 34 at the start of next season’s training camp. He’ll be coming off herniated disc surgery. Ask Peyton Manning how that can go. The Cowboys have been winging it with backups. It’s time to start grooming a real replacement, since nobody really expects Romo to last out the five years left on his contract.

    2. Manziel is legit – He began the season projected as a mid-to-late first-round pick, largely due to his slight build and the fact he barely tops six feet. He’s now projected to be among the 10, and probably the top five selections. He not just a crazy scrambler who can throw. He displayed the skill to be a pocket passer if that’s what’s called for.

    3. Or maybe he’s not legit – Manziel’s pro potential will soon displace Obamacare, Duck Dynasty and even Tim Tebow as America’s most debated topic. Drafting him would assure Dallas of dominating sports talk radio and Jones of having at least 30 cameras and microphones in his face after every practice. That may mean more to Jerry than going 16-0.

    4. He can take the heat – Dallas QB might be the most scrutinized job in America. Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr aren't used to having TMZ reporters tail them to the bathroom. Manziel has lived that life for more than a year. The spotlight not only didn't bother him, it seemed to inspire him.

    5. Romo can be traded – He signed a six-year, $108-million contract before last season with $55 million guaranteed. He’s already been paid a $25 million signing bonus and his salary dips to $8.5 million in 2016. The contract wouldn’t be a poison pill for prospective suitors. And even with Romo’s glitches, he’d still draw plenty of interest in a league pockmarked with QB-desperate teams.

    6. It would upstage that other Texas team - Houston has the No. 1 pick, and the current favorite for that spot is Louisville’s Bridgewater. The second Goodell says, “Dallas selects Johnny Manziel, quarterback, Texas A&M,” nobody between Beaumont and El Paso will remember Bridgewater’s name.

    Read the other 5 reasons here
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  2. BoysFan4ever

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    Romo traded? Do not see that happening.
  3. Ken

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    I'm all for it. I think he belongs on the Cowboys. I know it won't be popular but it is going to be very necessary her in the next couple of years to have our successor. I believe he would be perfect to give a year or two to cultivate and then turn the reigns over to him.

    I doubt it will happen but I don't put it past Jerry. He is all about the big splash and this would keep the cowboys in the limelight for the next 5-10 years.....
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  4. Chocolate Lab

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    I think he's going to go way higher than people think. Every scout or coach I've heard seems to really like him. Bill Polian was saying today there was no doubt he could play at the next level, especially saying he does have an NFL arm. (Apparently his son was on the A&M staff last year and he saw him practice in person.) Said his only concern was injury with his small frame.
  5. PA Cowboy Fan

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    There are so many teams that need QBs at the top of the draft for Johnny to fall to us. I'd hate to think what Jerry would have to do to move up and get him. It would absolutely make the Cowboys the talk of the draft but I'm afraid it would be too much.
  6. a.stovall2

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    Sounds like the guy who posted the Johnny football thread in the draft zone the other day wrote this article lol. 11 reasons and they all where bull....
  7. Szczepanik

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    I would barf if he became a Cowboy.

    We already have a circus atmosphere, and he would embrace the ring leader role.

    His attitude absolutely disgusts me. Alot of his success comes from him throwing the ball into double coverage and his WR making a play.

    I cannot stand him and his antics. He is always on TMZ, etc. Drake tattoo as well on his arm?

    He has some ability but his personality..... no thanks.
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  8. dexternjack

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    Well, lets see...............

    1. It seems Dallas is happy with the current coaching staff
    2. If they are not, it would only be re-treads and/or yes men
    3. Romo is not the problem, but this isn't the point
    4. I hate anything A@M
    5. One draft is not going to fix the defense
    a. They probably go TE, WR and RB with rounds 2-4
    b. a late round guard probably doesn't make the 53
    6. Jerry likes fame and fortune and Johnny would bring it in, especially from Texas
    7. We still have Garrett
    8. We are cap strapped for any good-great FA's
    9. It appears to me another mediocre season on the horizon
    10. He will not fall to us and it would take this years first and third along with 2015 first rounder
    11. Banking on more and more injuries to the defense next season
    12. A young QB for the new HC to mold and find a system that fits him best

    Ok, I am sold. With the above conditions, lets go all out, ignore the defense and get our newest jersey seller. At least it will not be a boring off-season :cool:
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  9. BoysFan4ever

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    I like his play but cannot stand his punk attitude. He needs a lot of polishing or maybe fans like that kind of player now & he's just playing into all that.
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  10. MissionCoach

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    "A fresh start – The Cowboys are disappointing. Romo is a choker. The coach is a puppet. Jones is a buffoon."

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  11. The Quest for Six

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    The fool of a GM Jerry Jones will not be drafting a Quarterback when he just gave Romo 100 million...
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  12. Lonestar94

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    For as much as I love Romo I wouldn't be against drafting Manziel. What has gotten into me?
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  13. dstovall5

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    So what happens if he turns out to be a flop? Just waste another first round pick when the defense is the most glaring problem right now? No thanks, I'll pass. If Romo can hang in there for another 3-4 years then that gives Dallas time to fix the defense before our next franchise QB.

    Also, I don't see why people bring up Romo's age, he's a YOUNG 33/34 year old QB. He's played in 114 games, in comparison Matt Ryan has played in 94 (age 28). The 2 back surgeries is the biggest issue, but if he can play at a level similar to this year for the next 3-4 years then Dallas will be in great shape.
  14. Fletch

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    Hear me now and believe me later. Johnny Pro Football will not be a flop!
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  15. Fletch

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    Highly doubt we go after Manziel. I would hedge my bets on DT or DE in the first round.
  16. big dog cowboy

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    We need more drama?
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  17. snapper

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    I only need one reason: He's a winner! :D
  18. theSHOW

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    Oh good, that's it? Nothing to worry bout':eek::oops::mad:

    I'm sure the dline can be addressed in the later rounds since we will give our 1st,2nd &3rd to move into the top part of the draft
  19. TINGS21

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    1-11: Jerry can train him :)
  20. Beast_from_East

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    So we cant even force a single punt in multiple games this past season and we are going to draft a QB with our first round pick?

    Like the article said, all the attention that would bring would be more important to Jerry than going 16-0.....................after all, its all about putting on a good show, packing the stadium, and have high TV ratings............winning is secondary to all that.
  21. theranchsucks

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    When did we lose a playoff game in 1993......
    8. No. 2 - It’s been worn by only three Cowboys - Sam Paulescu (punter 2008), Anthony Wright (QB 2000-01) and Lin Elliott, last spotted missing three field goals in a 1993 playoff loss. The number desperately needs respect on the all-time roster, and Manziel’s just the guy to deliver it.

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