Fox Sports: 11 Reasons the Cowboys Need to Draft Johnny Football

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Boyzmamacita, Jan 9, 2014.

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    smaller QBs... here is a question for the zoners

    Q: If you are starting a franchise today and you have 2 choices for you're Quarterback, who do you take

    1. Russell Wilson #3
    2. Johnny Manziel #2

    love it.

    Jerry is already busy training Stephen and also Jason. Plus a lot of time on his Papa's gig.

    1........2........3.......Cue the Circus Music
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    Fox Sports: 11 Reasons to Get Hits on Our Website

    Fixed it
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    Lindley Franklin Elliott Jr. (born November 11, 1968) is a former kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys in theNational Football League. He played college football for Texas Tech. He earned a Super Bowl ring playing for the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVII.

    Elliott is best remembered for missing three field goal attempts from 35, 39, and 42 yards in a 10–7 playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts in January 1996. The Chiefs had gone 13-3 in the regular season and had clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, making them heavy favorites. It was the last game Elliott played in his NFL career.

    Bet that's what author was thinking about.
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    Spot on Article. Dez and Manziel O my
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    Manziel in the Anti-Aikman quarterback. Not big and rugged, not composed, not a classic delivery.
    However, we do need to draft a future starter very soon.
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    I think it would be very hard for Jerry not to take Manziel in the first round if he drops that far. But, having watched most of his Texas A&M games this year, I just don't see Manziel dropping at all. He has to be close to a top 5 pick because of his mobility and accuracy from all parts of the field. Also, the better the opposition, the better he plays.

    That means I don't see us even having a chance at him unless Tony's back doesn't come around enough by draft day and Jerry does a Snyder and pays a king's ransom to go up and get him. That's pretty scary to think about with our defense being historically bad. :(

    Hopefully Tony is OK, we use the draft to fix the D, and Johnny Football goes to a team in the AFC.
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    Trade Romo to Houston and move up and get the Man and enjoy the ride. Hes a younger version of Romo minus the choking factor. He would be the second coming of Staubach.
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    Catch - 22

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    .....And in 4 years if he is good we sign him as a free agent:D
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    He's gone in top 10
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    I love that song...I got it cranked to the hilt in my house right now...and I am dancing (yeah sure)...wonder if Jerry might get some halftime show with these charactors before Manziel leads the team from the locker room.
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    Ok guys just hear me out... Let's talk about the Dallas Cowboys and Johnny Football...wait for it...IN THE SAME ARTICLE.

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    If you don't think he will be good in the NFL then you only need that one reason not to draft him.
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    I would barf if Dallas drafted him.
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    I hope it happens. The entertainment factor of watching the circus would make it worth it. If Jerry is going to remain GM, Dallas will not make it to a Super Bowl. At least Johnny Football will be fun to watch while they remain 8-8.
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    Ditto minus the 8-8 part. I continue to hope against hope.
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    Russel Wilson and it's not even close. I may not be a fan of him, but with Russel you at least know what you're getting. You're getting a young talented QB who's top 10 in the NFL, with Manziel it's very iffy with how he'll translate to the NFL. Gotta go with what's proven, at least for now.
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    People crack me up. Same people dog Romo for going to Cabo and dating Hollywood stars want Johnny Football? I dont think he will put in the time to make it as an NFL QB or if he could handle the media pressure of being a Dallas QB.
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    There isn't a single good one. Too small in stature and frame as well as being challenged in other areas.
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    I'm ok with that, however his contract makes him almost impossible to move.

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