Fox Sports: 11 Reasons the Cowboys Need to Draft Johnny Football

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Boyzmamacita, Jan 9, 2014.

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    The dude has horrible form, he's small and he strains to make long throws... That's too many red flags.
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    ="theranchsucks, post: 5411594, member: 36517"]When did we lose a playoff game in 1993......
    8. No. 2 - It’s been worn by only three Cowboys - Sam Paulescu (punter 2008), Anthony Wright (QB 2000-01) and Lin Elliott, last spotted missing three field goals in a 1993 playoff loss. The number desperately needs respect on the all-time roster, and Manziel’s just the guy to deliver it.[/quote]
    Didn't Tony Banks where #2? Agree with you on the play of game.
  3. hutch1254

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    Johnny Football would be the ultimate "relevance" machine for Jerry.
  4. Fredd

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    1. Romo is 33 (going to be 34) - Manziel is 21, going on 12
    2. Manziel legit - in CFB, scrambling/running style doesn't translate to the NFL (see RG3-13, great for one year)
    3. Manziel not legit - agree with the point of the media deluge from this that feeds the humongous Jones ego to be in the spotlight
    4. He can take the heat - seriously? no one has even warmed his coals yet in comparison to what he would get in the NFL media circle/circus
    5. Romo can be traded - OMG, please shut up...he isn't going anywhere; might as well say Jones will hire a GM...possible? sure, as likely as a meteor ending life on the planet
    6. Upstages Houston - yes, that is what we need to do, upstage the worst team in the league that has no coach; we are the most followed team in sports (either love 'em or hate 'em, but you watch 'em); (stupid)
    7. Money - this should be 10 of the 11 reasons (#3 being a real reason as well); only thing Jones cares about is his ego, getting in front of a camera, and making money; this would fuel all three
    8. the #2 - all I think when I see him wearing the #2 is that he is a piece of **** (very #2-like)...note: loved the STELLAR reporting by the FOX team saying that they had a 1993 playoff loss
    9. Dez & Johnny show - wow, if this was reality TV, everyone would watch, right? so let's bring in the ONE guy that could possibly upset your stud WR, yeah, good move; I am sure Jones wouldn't think that far ahead, or would he?????
    10. Draft reality - the reality is that you can have ANY qb you want on the team, but if your pathetic defense can't push the pocket back and apply pressure, you are going to give up 500+ yards per game...need to improve the defense, THAT's the reality of this draft!
    11. A Fresh start - Coach is a puppet, Jones is a buffoon....entirely agree

    so sayeth Fredd
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    Not happening. I like Johnny, but he's not a sure thing, and he's going to be drafted very high it appears. You're gonna have to give up an insane ransom to trade up from 16/17, which this defense cannot afford. There are good QBs coming out in 2015, and Romo's contract is such that drafting a QB early in 2015 makes a lot more sense.
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    The circus atmosphere is because of JJ, Johnny would only add life to it...

    The only guys that talk about his tattoos and choice of friends are old guys...

    What the heck is a young 34? Especially when describing a guy who has had two back surgeries, broken ribs, a broken collar bone, who threw passes to Roy Williams, Terry Glen, and TO, and last but not least, has been in relationships with Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood like 10 years ago. Tony is as old of 34 as there is!!!

    It's not like JJ knows what he's doing in the draft anyways. Y'all act like that is something the Boys do well at!!! But hey, we can draft some more small school DBS and another TE.
  7. Szczepanik

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    Johnny would not add life to it. The kid is a typical frat head with a huge ego that has some ability. I think the kid is going to be a bust. You cannot throw into double coverage in the NFL unless you have Calvin.

    No I am 23 and I can tell you the kid is not a very smart guy if he rocks a drake tattoo.

    If you had a sibling go out and get a stupid tat I hope you would smack them upside their head. I am sure if he had a Bieber tat you wouldn't complain either then.
  8. Zordon

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    please God let it happen. save us johnny. save us jameis. anybody save us.
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  9. Zordon

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    it won't be popular? says who? maybe on this site where romo is an untouchable. but in the real world, the majority of the fanbase is ready to turn the page on romo. manziel would be a cult hero here. are you kidding me? east texas heisman winner from one of the biggest public schools in the state. get'er done jerry. you will win me back as a fan.
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  10. radioactivecowboy88

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    I like Mr. Football... but I don't want romo here to "learn" from him

    1 if he comes here it needs to be his team. Cant have that with romo here.
    2 if he fails I dont want to hear "he learned how to lose from romo"
    3 romo deserves a break.

    Restructure his contract trade him in the draft

    Dez + Johnny Football = romo and TO 2007 for 10yrs
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  11. Zordon

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    you're ready for change. you're ready for new faces, new energy, new hope.

    you're tired of this image every stinking year.

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    Trade Romo to a team like the Cardinals who are a QB away from competing for a Super Bowl. But realistically, what do you think we could get for Romo?
  13. arglebargle

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    Goes to Houston or Oakland is my bet. There's really no chance for the Cowboys to get him, and if they tried it would be a draft trade disaster.
  14. Swaggstar1

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    That's exactly how I feel in tired of that look every single time ..... It's time to move on
  15. Zordon

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    if someone is willing to take that contract off our hands then be happy with a 3rd round pick. heck, i'd give him away for a 4th or 5th. it's time for change across the board.
  16. Rockytop6

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    I think he fits perfectly with JJ and the Cowboys and that is why I don't want him.
    He is a publicity freak. He is a me-first type of leader. Yes, he is vastly talented, but he also has limitations. Check out his passing stats with his running stats. He is good at both and so is RGIII and look at him. It would be a matter of time until he missed time with injuries.
    He would steal all the thunder from JJ. He would become the face of the Cowboys instead of Jerry. Since he is a TX boy and is a product of a nearby University he has a lot of fans all over East TX and JJ would not have the control over him as he has had over other QBs.
    The cost of moving up in picks would empty the draft bin and very few of the other needs would be addressed.
    You would finally wind up with a one player team - Mr. Johnny Football. He is already the personification, the epitome of football. He is now a god of football.
    Drafting him would indeed turn the Cowboys into a circus, one such as you have never seen. JJ would love it. He would be in hog heaven. He would make more money than ever and yet the Cowboys would go further and further away from the SB.

    If the brain trust will ever figure out they desperately need DE, DT, LB, S and CB, (at least 5 starters on D) and then a RT, G, RB and WR, (at least 4 on O) just to get started in the right direction instead of JJ's lust for WOW splash players, then the Cowboys would start winning playoff games. Next year they need to address an elite QB to develop, another DL and make sure these holes are filled in order to be a truly complete football team. Make sure the young players are what they envisioned them to be or if they need to churn those areas.

    I can think of dozens of things that should take priority over Mr. Johnny. I would, one more time, like to see the Dallas Cowboys become a genuine, dedicated, hardworking football team that pays the price on the field and in the film room and stay focused on football without all of the distractions and injuries. We need a talented team but also one that will play every down, every minute for 60 minutes and one that hates losing so much they refuse to lose. They might run out of time every once in a while but they never lose or quit. One more time I want to see the Cowboys be a true genuine NFL football team with pride and confidence in themselves and one another. Sorry for the long rant. I will go back into hiding until the draft.
  17. Super_Kazuya

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    Orton really looks weird in that pic.
  18. DandyDon1722

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    If you know anything about David Whitless the Cowboys are his favorite punching bag. In the entire world of sports he has devoted three articles in the last two months on Dallas gleefully laughing out of the side if his mouth ripping us.

    Not saying we don't deserve it but he's a passive aggressive hater under he guise of trying to be clever and he's not.
  19. Little Jr

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    Bill polian disagrees with you
  20. Floaty

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    I don't get the love for this punk. Everytime he has faced a team w/ decent nfl pro prospects he looks very ordinary. Yet a guy like Kellen Moore that went 50-3 (in college) and have similar physical traits.... can't get drafted?

    Manziel would be the back breaker for me as a fan. He is everything I hate. The spoiled brat that has won nothing...yet he feels he is entitled.
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