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Fox Sports 3 round mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Killerinstinct

    Killerinstinct Well-Known Member

    1,338 Messages
    959 Likes Received
    I like this quite a bit. I would go a different direction in the 4th but I would be happy with this.
  2. Tristan

    Tristan Active Member

    462 Messages
    72 Likes Received
    Which one? I agree, i dont want any head cases?
  3. RandyOh

    RandyOh Well-Known Member

    1,499 Messages
    861 Likes Received
  4. Tristan

    Tristan Active Member

    462 Messages
    72 Likes Received
    Yeah I admit I havent looked into his issues, that would be to bad if its one of those guys, love the talent "Dede Westbrook does not lose footraces!"
  5. Derinyar

    Derinyar Well-Known Member

    3,126 Messages
    851 Likes Received
    So we drafted 2 DT in the first 4 rounds. I know Walker is listed as a DE here, but it really seems like the consensus is that he's going to be a 3 tech or maybe a 3-4 DE in the NFL. I just wonder if there won't be a better DE on the board at 60 then Walker. There might not be a better 3 tech, but I don't think we prioritize that in this draft.
  6. Derinyar

    Derinyar Well-Known Member

    3,126 Messages
    851 Likes Received
    Could be talking about Jaron Jones too. Very big talent very little head.
  7. Sydla

    Sydla Well-Known Member

    10,596 Messages
    10,356 Likes Received
    Huh? His issues are consistent play and an injury history.

    He doesn't sniff the realm of people like DeDe Westbrook.
  8. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,060 Messages
    2,903 Likes Received
    16 sacks screams special to me. And his intangibles are off the charts.
  9. radioactivecowboy88

    radioactivecowboy88 Well-Known Member

    1,467 Messages
    1,003 Likes Received
    I'm ok with this, but if it falls like this, I'm really wanting the Cowboys to trade up in the 4th to get Tanoh Kpass. Him and Irving would be matchup nightmares for offenses. Both 6'7+ 260+ High motors. Kpass, is a little lean for his size but by his 2nd year should put on another 15-20 lbs.
  10. rockj7

    rockj7 Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    1,968 Messages
    1,322 Likes Received
    I'm an SC hommer but I got to agree with my fellow Trojan Chris but if we do get AJ I won't hate it FIGHT ON stilltheguru88 ✌
  11. kiheikiwi

    kiheikiwi Maui No Ka Oi

    1,510 Messages
    556 Likes Received
    I see Walker as a SDE who can go inside on passing downs, but is too small to make a living in there. I think at 6'4" # 280, he's a good to above average SDE. But he would get mauled as a full time 3-tech. Put him and Irving in a rotation and both can jump inside in pass plays/3rd downs, that would be a solid 2nd round player. Don't try to make him what he's not - ala, Crawford .....

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