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    NFL Power Rankings

    Adrian Hasenmayer /

    How great was it to have the NFL back last weekend? And what a Week 1 it was.

    On to the Week 1 rankings …

    [​IMG] Patriots1-1/1After watching another systematic dismantling last Thursday in their Oakland opener, as I type no team in the league seems prepared to match the execution exercises of Tom Brady and the Patriots each week. After taking the Raiders’ best first-half shots, the coaching staff made the necessary adjustments and started pushing the Raiders’ O-line around at will. Give New England’s new-look coaching staff an ‘A’ in their debut.

    Team: 2 Colts3(+1)2/3While we should certainly take a near-shutout of the Baltimore Bollers (sounds like a CBA team) with a grain of salt or three, there was plenty to like about Tony Dungy’s new and improved defense. The addition of Pro Bowl DT Corey Simon helped, but he only played 30 snaps. It was youngsters like Larry Tripplett (two sacks) who helped bottle up the Ravens and Jamal Lewis. Peyton and Co. played conservatively against the Ravens’ 46 defense. Their real opener comes this week. Brace yourselves.
    Team: 3[​IMG] Bills5(+2)3/5I feel Steeler Nation collectively frothing at the mouth. I get your e-mails and know your Steelers beat the Bills in the season finale last year. Guess what: It’s 2005, and I believe this Bills team has all the ingredients to make a deep playoff run. Awesome defense and special teams. Save a spot on the Pro Bowl for Willis McGahee. Plus there’s juicy receiver fruit to pick from for rookie QB J.P.Losman that will only get better once speedster Roscoe Parrish returns from injury.
    Team: 4[​IMG] Steelers8(+4)4/8Willie Parker seems to be a real find, Ben Roethlisberger soothed worries over the first-team offense not reaching the end zone in the preseason and the Steelers look like they picked up where they left off in 2004. Here’s the thing: They played the Titans, who have shredded their team due to the salary cap -- a 5-11 team at that. I’m holding out on Pittsburgh until I see how Big Ben handles some of the league’s better teams and defenses. And no Steelers fans, No. 4 is not being “disrespectful.” Hold your fire.
    Team: 5[​IMG] Falcons9(+4)5/9The first NFC team on our list, at least for the time being. I will respectfully give the Falcons their due for beating the defending NFC champs, but a better team would have scored a point in the last three quarters at home Monday with all the chances available. Michael Vick’s development continues, but he showed glimpses of his dazzling skillz. The defense, led by future WWE wrestler Patrick Kerney, attacked all night long.
    Team:6[​IMG] Eagles2(-4)2/6Don’t expect the Eagles to be this low for long, barring colossal injuries or alien invasion. While this team seems to be a magnet for negatives (T.O. soap opera, multi-player contract issues, starting MLB and run-stopper getting tossed BEFORE the season-opening kickoff), they will march on. That said, interesting that the Eagles couldn’t beat the Falcons with T.O. despite doing so without him in January. McNabb’s feet are looking happy, while his on-field demeanor sure isn’t.
    Team:7[​IMG] Chiefs12(+5)7/12What a difference a defense can make. The Jets looked utterly stunned at the new KC team speed, spearheaded by rookie MLB Derrick Johnson -- who is a laser to the football. The Chiefs held the Jets, who sport 2004’s NFL rushing leader Curtis Martin, to zero first downs. Zip. Nada. Nil. Off-season adds Sammy Knight and Patrick Surtain helped the secondary, though Surtain may miss next week’s Oakland game recovering from a concussion. Plus, the Holmes-Johnson RB duo looks lethal.
    Team: 8[​IMG] Chargers4(-4)4/8Yes, it is incomprehensible that, A) the Bolts had to play without “Mr. Touchdown” Antonio Gates, who would have helped on that last drive against Dallas, and B) Big Marty didn’t call a run or two inside the 10 with 47 seconds and one timeout left. But the Chargers get Gates back this weekend, which helps open up the passing game for everyone. SD should be concerned with a minimal pass rush and suspect corners, however.
    Team: 9[​IMG] Jaguars13(+4)9/13You’ll see plenty of smiling from Jags QB Byron Leftwich this season, who has the shackles of the small-to-midrange offense removed this season. Lefty’s right arm put up 252 yards and two TDs. The result of the new attack? Try 26 points, or about 10 more than last year’s per-game average. RB Fred Taylor held up after 20 carries, too -- Jags fans can exhale for the few days until this Sunday’s kickoff. Big showdown against Indy this week will give us a better feel for the Jags.
    Team10[​IMG] Cowboys23(+13)10/23Could Dallas be the third-best team in the NFC? They just might be -- the rest of the conference is that brutal (does any team in the NFC North or West look playoff-worthy?) While Drew Bledsoe will pull a “Bledsoe” when faced with a tougher pass rush, the offense should compete with RB Julius Jones, TE Jason Witten (only one catch Sunday due to extra attention) and a decent set of WRs. Plus, the defense looks livelier, though it came one play from allowing 31 points Sunday.

    Team: Home | Stats | Fantasy27[​IMG] Redskins26(-1)26/27Let me get this straight. Reports are surfacing the Joe Gibbs and the coaching staff was waiting for their first chance to put Mark Brunell back at quarterback. So why didn’t they just do it, and trade Patrick Ramsey in the off-season? Apparently, Ramsey was cleared to return by halftime after suffering a first-half neck strain against the Bears. But not only did Brunell stay in the game, he has already announced his desire to be traded ASAP. What took them so long? For good news, Clinton Portis enjoyed a solid debut for the second straight year.

    I only posted the top 10, and also where the skins are ranked.
    3rd best in nfc??? what do u guys think??
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    I like others saying good things about the Cowboys but I think it takes a few weeks of the reg season to know what you really have.
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    I agree, ... we could have very easily lost that game on Sunday, and the mood wouldn't be so good around here had that happened.

    Let's wait a few games and see.
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    I will say in the past few years we would have lost that game so right there is an improvement and for the most part in the NFL games are won or lost on a handful of plays. As for how we stack up against others around the league yeah it will take a few weeks before we really know what this team is capable of
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    Having said that, how do you rank a team ahead of another team that just beat them on the road?
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    I guess they are looking at the overall picture and not just the last game result. When you get right down to it all of these rating systems are pretty much flawed.
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    upsets happen all the time. the pats, steelers, eagles, falcons will all probly lose to someone below 500 at some point this year, doesn't mean the other team is better.
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    But the Bills number 3 with Losman?
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    Wrong Conference.

    Since we're talking predictions I'd say that #3 is a pretty fair assessment. Although the Saints and Panthers also have a fair argument to that claim.
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    Bills are good, but Losman is still a question mark. I hear his own teammates dont lke him.

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