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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Cowboys preseason hits and misses
    by Matt Mosley

    One of the best things about the NFL preseason outside of it ending is the opportunity to make wide-sweeping judgments on players we've barely seen. That said, there's something to be gained from watching how certain players react when competing against top-flight players. The Dallas Cowboys enjoyed their competition with the San Diego Chargers so much Saturday night they decided to stay in town for a couple more days of practice.

    But as the Cowboys prepare to return home Wednesday, let's look at some of the hits and misses from training camp. Let's start with the positives:


    ** Starting inside linebacker Sean Lee and running back DeMarco Murray have emerged as leaders on this team. Lee was one of the best players on defense last season, but he appears to have become much more vocal as he gains confidence in the scheme. He sets the tone in practice for that side of the ball, and that's something that head coach Jason Garrett really seems to appreciate. Murray has been a beast in practices and he took some of that to the field against the Chargers. He's gained more separation from his backup Felix Jones than most of us could have anticipated. He has a punishing style that this team has missed over the past few years. Cowboys running backs coach Skip Peete told me that Murray is doing a much better job of focusing on catching the ball out of the backfield. He dropped a few passes last season, so he doubled his efforts in that area. Jones had a bad drop in Saturday's game...
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    I never bought into the angst around here about drafting Murray but I have to admit I didn't think he would be this good, especially with the poor run blocking. Lee has surpassed my early expectations as well, he just didn't look big enough or strong enough,,, but both of these players have tons of heart. Easily two of my favorites!
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    It's a little early for him to be saying that he hasn't seen anything to make him think the pass rush will be improved. No Hatcher, no Ratliff, no Spencer, no Ware in game 2, and probably some level of the "v" word in the defensive schemes we used.
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    It's because you expect the worst out of everything the Cowboys do, and then remain skeptical until after the early indications are irrefutable. But, yes, both these guys are really good young players and an important part of what the team needs if it's going to take the next step to consistently beating good teams and winning playoff games.

    Leave it to Dallas media (I still count McMahon as Dallas media) to conclude that one pass on a crossing route to a TE in the preseason damns the ability of our ILBs to cover across the board. It's also the first I've heard about Carter not looking like a quality developing player, but who's really paying attention? Perhaps we let the young players play a bit and then decide how 'instinctive' they look once they've gotten some reps in the defense.

    Again, it looks like he actually *has* seen something, but he's choosing to discount it automatically because that player 'always plays well in pre-season.' At least he's giving him credit for improving on STs. I guess Butler doesn't always play well on STs in preseason, so that's different, then, from playing well on defense.
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    Mosley really misses the point here. Almost certainly if you think the secondary is improved you would think that, all else equal, the pass rush should have at least slightly more time to do the job.
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    as opposed to expecting the absolute best case scenarios despite long odds and remaining pie-eyed even after all the negative results are in,,, gotcha :p:

    Your assessment is way off in this case, I watched DeMarco his entire career at OU and cheered when he was drafted, but he never really showed his hard-nosed running until he joined the Cowboys,,, that was a surprise.

    I also cheered when Sean Lee was selected because Wade loved him and I trust Wade's defensive choices,,, after seeing Lee though he just looked small and kinda weak,,, the eye test is what made me wonder about his NFL abilities,,,

    So you see, I don't shoot down everything Jerry does, I'm selective to the areas that I see poor results and poor approaches... as opposed to some here who cannot be objective and critical when criticism is warranted.
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    Ahem....CC, mi amigo....

    Love the DBs so far. But line play is where teams go from good to great. Not saying we shouldn't have spent the money on the backs. But this is still a work in progress with a QB and TE in their 30's and an OLB headed that way quickly.
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    He needs to pull his head out of the computer room and go watch some actual play on the field...ahem, look at the source first.

    Only thing, when he gets to the field, it's party time and not analysis time for him...and it reflects.

    I included a source that wasn't all favorable...but for me, I think he's a crap load here.
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    I don't have a problem with McMahon's questioning the LB's. Sure its a small sample size. But its the only data we have at this point. I know we've been "told" Carter is looking good but he's not exactly jumping off the screen at this point in his limited reps. So the comment is fair IMO, but far from definitive. And I don't feel he implied otherwise.

    Regarding the pass rush, I do think that evaluation is premature given the starters who've been out and that fact that the Ryan's try to get pass rush via scheme which in preseason we'll see very little of.
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    Matt Mosely has been a guy that has been proved wrong several times over and over. He is not a credible source whatsoever.

    - The night before the 2011 draft he said that he had "inside information" from a reputable front office source that the Cowboys would not draft Tyron Smith.

    - On the GAC: Film Don't Lie segment he tried to rationalize that the Cowboys dominated the Chargers because Garrett went to Turner and asked him to take it easy on us. He tried to explain this theory because Parcells had done this in the past. Without any real proof he said this on air.

    - He also wrote a segment on how Bryant was no longer worth the trouble for the Cowboys to deal with.

    He is the epitome of the DFW journalism that thrives on sensationalism and creating something out of nothing.
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    Those aren't the only two options. There are plenty of posters who are right in the middle and perfectly patient to wait and see how players and teams actually develop.

    Lol. So, you approve of the results Murray and Lee have gotten. Nice work with the objectivity there. Demarcus Ware: ok pass rusher, too?

    It's not difficult to appreciate budding stars after everyone has seen the results. It's much harder to actually be objective while the players are developing or before they have arrived.
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    Be careful you don't spin yourself into the ground, you've dug enough holes for yourself already over the years Mr. "above average offensive line" :p:

    In case you haven't noticed, my criticisms have been focused on Jerry's offensive line approach, holding on to Newman for too many years, and I was a little bit miffed about letting Robinson get away though it's not the end of the world. Those criticisms have been long standing and have turned out to be justified though you'll rarely see any mea culpas from contrarians like yourself who were proven wrong year in and year out. I remain skeptical of Jerry's marginalization the OL though I will grant that the sun shines on a dog's butt every now and then I'm hopeful that Callahan can make chicken salad out of Jerry's chicken **** this year. :cool:
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    Cool. I will say that there probably aren't many 15k posters on CZ who've 'spun themselves into the ground' less than I have over the years. For the most part, it's because I typically only engage aggressively with obvious trolls, or when emotional posters scapegoat players to a ridiculous degree. Terrence Newman's production, Patrick Crayton, Romo's leadership...these have been easy targets to defend given how massively so many fans overreacted to either unmet expectations or the obvious winding down of their careers. You'll probably see me do the same with Witten and Ratliff--if their play justifies it--over the next few years, so, get used to it.

    I can't say that I've noticed that you focus your complaints on the OL, letting Robinson take big starter's money, and holding on to Terrence Newman for too long. It sure seems like you complain about most things the team does if you can find a bit of tortured logic to tie the criticism back to Jerry Jones. The OL, for example, has been an issue for so long that I remember dbair and I harping on it back when most of you guys were spending the off-season complaining about Jerry being crazy for thinking Austin could replace TO and not liking Tony Romo's hat-golfing-body language.

    But it's when you refer to things like 'Jerry's marginalization of the OL' when we've invested big money in our RT, drafted another OT with a top-10 pick, brought in another highly-regarded OL coach and spent aggressively in FA on a pair of OGs and brought in a slew of college FA OLs in the last few seasons that it becomes obvious that you're really just not interested in being fair, or accurate, in your assessments. The reality is that you really don't know if the many changes this team has made over the last two seasons on OL are going to pay off or not. You don't think they will because you don't like the FA OGs. That's your prerogative, but it's far from a given, and, imnsho, far from reasonable or objective.

    As for me and the 'Mr Above-Average Offensive Line' title, if I knew where that came from, I'd address it, too. Though it would make a pretty cool caption for my user account. I've been vocal all offseason that I suspect the team erred in not bringing in a starting-quality player at OC, that I didn't love the Nate Livings signing, and that we should simply wait and see what happens when we finally get our starters on the field. Honestly, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this team be above-average by season's end in the metrics that correlate closely with good OL play. I also would not be surprised to see the opposite. Given the massive change we've had at that unit the last few years, it's simply too soon to say how it might perform.

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