News: FOX SW: Projecting final Cowboys 2012 roster

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    Projecting final Cowboys 2012 roster
    by Bob Sturm

    With 20 days left to opening day, it is time to start getting a realistic view on the cut-downs to the final 2012 Cowboys roster.

    I began tracking this several years ago, but I thought I would share it with you; It is a chart of how the Cowboys Final 53 looks for the last five years based on the final cuts. It is not perfect, because there is never a "final" roster. You will hear it this year that after they get down to 53, they still aren't done. There are moves they want to make based on other cuts from other teams and then someone who made the Cowboys 53 will not have actually made it. Truly, a proper front office never has a finished roster.

    But, this will give you an idea of what the guys in the War-Room are thinking when they have 90 bodies in training camp. These are the numbers they have to get to for the final cut-down by position. You will also note that when you add one in one place (a 3rd QB, a kick-off specialist) then you are short somewhere else. And somewhere else always seems to be someone on special teams.

    On Tuesday, Aug. 28, each team must reduce their number to 80 men, then by Sunday, Sept. 2, they must get down to 53...

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