Fox's "Fringe"

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Oct 4, 2008.

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    As a comic book/sci-fi geek, I also advocate the new sci-fi show FRINGE on Fox. It's a cross between the X-Files, CSI and Alias. I really think it's a better version of the X-Files. No, this is not me putting down the X-files but the reason I think it's better is because it truly introduces new sci-fi and supernatural concepts. I loved the X-files but I always felt their shows were fairly predictable ie: UFO, Demon, Vampires etc. Fringe is a little like that in its plot structure but it surpasses X-files because its truly introducing new concepts/creatures etc. that are not predictable. The show is very imaginative and I enjoy the medical/scientific explanation behind its supernatural phenomenon. Check it out and tell me what you think.
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    I like Fringe. I did not watch alot of the X-Files, but after this past episode of Fringe I was thinking the same thing that Fringe is somewhat like the X-Files.
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    I've watched them all so far. Pretty good show with some interesting characters. Only new show i've started watching.
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    I've been watching it. It's "so so" so far. Most news shows start off that way though cuz they need time to establish the plot and introduce characters before they really get rolling.

    I'll keep watching and hopefully it will continue to get better.
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    I love the old guy and the odd things he just says out of nowhere.
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