News: FoxSports: Q&A with Cowboys CB Brandon Carr

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    IRVING, Texas

    The tattoo on Brandon Carr's right forearm includes the Latin expression, 'Carpe diem.' That's because Carr is trying to seize the day in his burgeoning NFL career. After four seasons in Kansas City, Carr received the largest free-agent contract for a cornerback during the offseason with a five-year, $50.1 million deal from the Dallas Cowboys.

    Carr, 26, has proven worth the investment with his on-field performance and team leadership. As he prepares to play Sunday against visiting Tampa Bay (1 p.m. ET, FOX), Carr spoke with about the Cowboys, his childhood growing up in Flint, Mich., his route to the NFL through a Division II college (Grand Valley State) and why his contract is worth exactly $100,000 more than the free-agent deal fellow cornerback Cortland Finnegan signed with St. Louis.

    Q: What has it meant for you personally to join the Cowboys?

    Carr: "It's a dream come true. This is the team I grew up idolizing. Every time my cousin and I would go in the backyard and play, I had my Cowboys uniform on and it would be the Cowboys versus the (Detroit) Lions."

    Q: How much has it meant for you to receive so much praise from teammates and media for your leadership qualities?

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    Carr is that dude.
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    I guess Carr's response to the second question answers the debate whether or not a lot of Cowboy fans showed up at the game in Seattle....

    Excuse me the third response...
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    The answer and question had nothing to do with that though.

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