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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by X-Dawg, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. X-Dawg

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    he thinks he's gonna get a Big Contract with Big money - maybe next year but not this year b/c the Cowboys have too many holes to plug"
    Said it bout an hour ago - said JJ was more interested than BP - though BP is intrigued by TO's talent and possibly thinks he can coach him.

    Who knows - I'm sick at this point - players are flying from team to team and I got Andre Gurode back ..:banghead:
  2. CowboysNumeroUno

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    This doesn't make any sense...

    We have tons of money .
    Why didn't we plug these holes with the quality players that have already be signed (McGinest, Longwell, Chavous)?
  3. X-Dawg

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    I'm so sick right now - I have no interest in next year . We may as well cut Bledsoe and start over b/c as of now we've regressed to a 5-11 Team.
    We stink. We gave up 60 sacks last season and we signed 1 OL and brought back a stiff in Gurode - not to mention Campbell is gone a decent pass blocker. And why the hell are JJ and BP not in Dallas together??? :bang2:
  4. speedkilz88

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    Of whats left in Free Agency, Jerry has plenty of money under the cap to fill holes and sign TO to a big contract. He may not want to pay TO too much, that may be true.
  5. TonyS

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    The thing inherently wrong with this is it sounds as if BP and JJ are still trying to make up their mind. I have a feeling they know whether they want TO and its now down to price. If they don't even know what they want to do, the ship has sunk.
  6. lzppjb

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    You're ridiculous.
  7. X-Dawg

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    Am I really Jerry? or am I so sane..that I just blew your mind?

    Yes - we have regressed friend - who takes Key's 70 Catches? Who fills in for All Pro's Glover? and soon to be Larry Allen?
  8. diehard2294

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    while I am less than inthused over the oline situation right now,I am not going to panic. I dont want TO! I just hope the front office has a plan for the o-line and WR because right now it dont look good. We shall see,just remember 2 years ago it was the right corner problem,last year it was the RT position that never got addressed. Tune in;)
  9. jackrussell

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  10. BeWare94

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    Yeah but don't cut Key over 1 measley million dollars when you don't have an adequate replacement in hand. Just like all of the jacka$$e$ here are talking about saving money by cutting Larry Allen. If you bring in a guy like LeCharles Bentley and cut Larry Allen then, ok. However, we had an average-bad offensive line and people are talking about making said line even worse by cutting the best player in that unit.
  11. wileedog

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    Glover had 29 tackles, 3 sacks and 1FF and 1 TFL. He wore down as the year went on and played less and less because he's not a good fit for the system. If he was a 2nd year player he would have been no where near the Pro Bowl.

    Speaking of fake Pro Bowlers, Allen could be replaced effectively at this point by a very large boulder.

    As for Key's catches, I won't bring up the obvious answer. However Crayton was on pace for a 700+ yard season before getting hurt. He's faster, younger, gets better YAC and has better hands. I think he could replace Key with not too much of a drop off as he develops furhter.

    Keyshawn will probably be even slower next year. I don't see him as a devastating loss.
  12. AmishCowboy

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    Ok, say your right, then behind Glenn and Crayton are T Copper and Rector. Glenn is injury prone and Crayton never started before and we are supposed to match up with the NFC East?:lmao:
  13. peplaw06

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    OMG... We're 5 days into Free Agency!!! People like this should be banned until the draft is over. Do you really think that BP and JJ are just releasing all these guys on a whim with no plan, and have no purpose for the cap room they're stocking up?? :bang2: :shoot3: :shoot2:
  14. DizzG

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    This nonsense is getting silly

    Jesus Christ at least let the offseason play out before declaring DOOM

    Some insiders believe a deal is already on the table from Dallas to TO and he obviously end up here

    Adam Schefter said today that TO would end up in Dallas

    Dallas isnt done with free agency either...people need to calm the F down
  15. Dat Dude

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    Your crazy... Crayton has better hands than Keyshawn because he played in half of the games this year? Or because he is a practice hero.??? Nice hands when Sean Taylor blasted him.. If hes faster than Keyshawn its not by much. Its not like this College QB is Brad smith and runs high 4.4's. Holds the ball like a loaf of bread , is an arm tackle away from a fumble, and will NEVER be more than a possesion #2 .
  16. JPM

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  17. Jarv

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    Sure makes the Larry Allen situation interesting. Cut/trade to save money. Then don't spend the money ?
  18. big dog cowboy

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    Dude you need to walk away. Every day all I see if threads from you bashing the Cowboys over and over. We have a plan and are executing it. If it doesn't fit your agenda that is just to bad. I am not overly thrilled with a couple of items, but I also know there is another whole world inside Valley Ranch and I don't have a clue what is going on inside it. Maybe it is time to take a break. The draft is in six weeks. Much will change between now and then.
  19. Rockytop6

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    Wilee, you get the humor of the day award with the line "Allen could be replaced effectively at this point by a very large boulder." ha
  20. MeatRo

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    Ha! Allen is still one, if not the strongest man in the NFL. He's still one of the most dominant linemen in the NFL.... We don't pay him the big bucks to sit on the line and look mean.

    Maybe Wilee should actually pay attention to more than just whose catching the ball next time he watches a Dallas game. THE POCKET DOESNT PROTECT ITSELF.

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