Frank Coyle's Mock Draft 3/18

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kchunda, Mar 18, 2005.

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    Here's the email I just got. Don't know if I agree with this. . .

    Not sure yet where I stand on the whole DL vs. LB vs. 'Tweener thing, but if we have Keyshawn, Terry, Q. Morgan, Crayton, Witten and Cambell, do we really need to spend a 1st RD pick on a WR?

    2nd Round? Sure. But then again I still think we should go with trading the 2nd RD for Howard. . .

    Frank Coyle
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    Mock Draft First Round
    1.San Francisco - Aaron Rodgers - QB - Cal

    2 Miami - Cedric Benson - RB - Texas

    3 Cleveland - Derrick Johnson - LB - Texas

    4 Chicago - Braylon Edwards - WR - Michigan

    5 Tampa Bay - Carnell Williams - RB - Auburn

    6 Tennessee - Antrel Rollle - CB - Miami

    7 Minn (Oak) -Heath Miller - TE - Virginia

    8 Arizona - Alex Smith -QB - Utah

    9 Washington - Mike Williams - WR -USC

    10 Detroit - Erasmus James - DE - Wisconsin

    11 Dallas - Travis Johnson - DT - Florida St.

    12 San Diego (Giants)- Pac Man Jones - CB - W.Va.

    13 Houston - Alex Barron - OT - Florida St.

    14 Carolina - Ronnie Brown -RB -Auburn

    15 Kansas City - Thomas Davis - S - Georgia

    16 New Orleans -Shawne Merriman - LB - Maryland

    17 Cincinnati - Marcus Spears - DE - LSU

    18 Minnesota - Dan Cody - DE - Oklahoma

    19 St. Louis - David Pollack - DE - Georgia

    20 Dallas (Buff) -Mark Clayton - WR - Oklahoma

    21 Jacksonville - Carlos Rogers - CB - Auburn

    22 Baltimore - Shaun Cody - DE - USC

    23 Seattle -Troy Williamson - WR - South Carolina

    24 Green Bay -Matt Roth - DE - Iowa

    25 Denver -Marlin Jackson - CB - Michigan

    26 New York Jets -Justin Miller - CB - Clemson

    27 Atlanta - Channing Crowder - LB - Florida

    28 San Diego - Daryl Blackstock - LB - Virginia

    29 Indianapolis - Kevin Burnett - LB - Tennessee

    30 Pittsburgh - Demarcus Ware - LB - Troy St.

    31 Philadelphia - Chris Henry - WR - West Virginia

    32 New England -Jammal Brown - OT - Oklahoma

    Frank Coyle
    Draft Insiders' Digest -14th Season
    "The Publication NFL Scouts Buy"
  2. Danny White

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    I think we're extremely thin at WR.

    Keyshawn and Glenn are both old and ended the season with fairly significant injuries. Glenn, particularly, has a long and frightening history of injuries.

    Additionally, both are guys who are likely to be gone the minute Parcells is gone.

    After them, you have Morgan who is a huge question mark and then a bunch of guys who probably will never really make it in the league.

    If we could get Williams or Edwards with the first pick, or Clayton with the second pick, I'd be thrilled. It's one of our biggest needs IMO.
  3. Cowboy from New York

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    No need for taking a DT at #11 with Ferguson signed and I don't like Clayton's small size.
    If the draft fell the way this guy writes it I'd take Merriman at #11 with Alex Barron and Marcus Spears as alternatives and Williamson at #20 with Jammal Brown as an alternate. I think some of those corners and LBs he has in the 2nd half of his draft will be available with our 2nd rounder.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agree 100%...heck I would even take Ronnie Brown (if we could not trade down) over TT....not sure why you would take that guy when we have DTs and need either DE or OLB for 3/4.

    I do not even think he is the BPA available.....if you are going to double up on a position you got, then take the which case that would be Ronnie Brown.

    ****One thing of note...this was probably written BEFORE we had our signings therefore Coyle may have a change of heart now.
  5. Pointguard01

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    Yea, I doubt we take a DT in the first round. I'd be a dream for Edwards (my favorite player in this draft to fall to Dallas) or Williams to be avaliable at #11, but its highly unlikely. I really dont know enough about White, Williamson, or Clayton to say if we should spend our #20 pick on one of those three.
  6. jbsg02

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    i don't like that mock at all. Taking a DT at 11? Ronnie Brown falling to carolina?
  7. AsthmaField

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    If we take T. Johnson in the first round, I don't think he'll be a DT for us... he'd be a 3-4 DE. He's got the perfect size and quickness off of the line for it.

    He could move inside when we go 4-3 and would provide a tremendous rush on the QB.

    Still, I think there are better players for us to pick, but he would provide the versitility that Parcells wants.

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