News: Frank Walker, Truth Talker

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Good piece.
  3. newlander

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    I won't lie: I'd like him alot MORE if he was 5 years younger, but what he heck.:rolleyes: ....seriously, he's a stand up guy and spot on here.
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    Exactly... Players play the game! Coaches coach!
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    And coaches tell a franchise QB, statistically ranked in group of the highest ever, to shut it down with 26 seconds left and clock it for a 49 yd FG after he was consistently splitting the uprights all day :rolleyes: .

    Following that coaches do not having the FG team ready to go and then burn the timeout we were trying to "save" with the clocking it.

    Call timeout you get 30sec + 25 sec to run a play. Clock it you get 25 secs.
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    Crazy, isn't it?

    And it really makes me sick that Garrett subtly lets it be known that he doesn't trust Romo to not screw up when Romo is the one who has saved his butt repeatedly. Everyone knows our best play is Romo dodging two guys, then throwing a strike for a first down with another rusher hanging on to his jersey.
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    I don't what it is. I know he's not that great of a player but I just like Frank Walker. I like his toughness on this team. I like that that kind of guy is in our locker room.
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    Unfair. Especially in a game where Romo'd been dropped twice by untouched blitzers who came right through the line completely unblocked and clocked the QB he doesn't trust before even Romo could throw it away.

    Not at least running it, now, *that's* inexcusable in that situation.
  10. ROUSH8692

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    I was at the game. Walker was the first one to run into the locker room after the TD in OT. He was probably pretty ticked off.
  11. WoodysGirl

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    What'd he say for the listening challenged?
  12. baj1dallas

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    coaches coach and players play. coaches don't matter between the line. we play press coverage, so we can get off the field, but sometimes we give up big plays.
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    I hope things pick up for Walker. I'm almost certain I saw him sleeping on a park bench last night.
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    I think Frank is good for this team, he's been around the league and it seems like a lot of people don't notice him but he comes in on 3rd. downs and sometimes plays next to Sean Lee in our nickel and Dime packages, always liked him, we need that kind of attitude and he brings it in.
  15. sacase

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    Its worth watching. I wish Garrett was as accountable as he was.
  16. CoCo

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    Well I know that Murray got caught behind the LOS on a couple of ocasions Sunday too.

    Now would I (and probably everyone else except Garrett) have run another play or two to try to get closer? Definitely. But its certainly conceivable the way the Cards D was playing that we could have had a negative play. Heck we could have had a false start or a hold for that matter.

    This business of Garrett not trusting Romo is an absolute stretch IMO. Garrett didn't trust the situation, not any one player or even his team. There is an opponent out there too. Though again, I think he was wrong to not try.

    Here's wild thought though. What if Garrett was actually right? We can never know.
  17. newlander

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    EVERYBODY talks about Red 'not trusting' Romo...what about the simple FACT that the oline continues to suck and he doesn't trust it? Seriously, no one EVER mentions that: the line is brutal 1/2 the time: if he runs it there and Murray gets a 5 yard loss.... no field goal attempt.
  18. Dough Boy

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    What if Romo gets sacked and knocks us out of FG range. I mean, it wasn't like he was under pressure from the time he stepped off the bus.

    I'm not a JG basher. I was upset at the call. However, after hearing his logic, it makes sense.

    Romo is our best player, but this is football and it takes 10 other guys. If we called another play, I can assure you they were going to blitz. They would have attempted to create a minus play - best case. Their 2nd goal would be to create a holding penalty - still would knock us out of FG range. Their 3rd goal, would be a sack-fumble or an INT. Either way, so many bad things could have went wrong. RG played the odds, Bailey has been money, he already had miss one which (based on his success this year) means statistically, he was due to hit his next kick.

    In the end, he played Parcells ball. For all the people that spoke about how to manage a game and squeeze out a win, this is how you do it. Garrett made the right call. Bailey missed the quick. Life happens.
  19. Dough Boy

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    Garrett went with the odds. The odds are rarely 100%. I think he made the highest percentage call. I think it was the right call. Bailey hits that kick 9-10 times. We got the 1 time.

    The amount of negative plays the Red Birds created is so overlooked. It did and rightfully should have influenced Garretts decision. Until we sure up the OL, I think he made the right call.
  20. Dough Boy

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    Garrett is the only 1st year coach, that is currenlty in first place that is on the "media/fan" proverbial hot seat.

    I think he stood up at the press conference and answered all the questions asked. He thinks he made the right call. What more do you want from him?

    No offseason, no mini camps, new OL and people want him fired.... Only in Dallas.................

    I live in DC and we are worse than Skin fans.

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