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    Posted: 1:16 pm March 25, 2012 Sleeper WRs create buzz with 'unbelievable' pro day efforts

    By Rob Rang | The Sports Xchange/
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    The athletic testing done at the scouting combine and pro days are really about just two things for scouts: confirming the athleticism see on tape from prospects already deemed draftworthy and identifying athletes who may have flown underthe radar. With spectacular pro day workouts that rival (or beat) some of the bestput forth this year, two sleeper receiver prospects are creating a huge buzz inthe scouting community.

    Tiny Huntingdon College (Alabama) is not exactly considered a hotbed for NFL talent so when wide receiver Cody Pearcy worked out for scouts a few weeks ago, he went to the Alabama State pro day. There, a handful of scouts (including at least one representative from the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins) watched the Huntingdon's career receptions leader put forth a workout that one scout, upon hearing of the numbers, characterized as an "unbelievable" effort.

    Pearcy is certainly smaller than scouts would prefer at 5-feet-10, 161 pounds, but his numbers otherwise were off the charts. Pearcy was clocked as fast as 4.31 seconds in the 40-yard dash, posted a 44-inch vertical jump -- each of which would have led all combine participants this year. Pearcy also recorded a 6.67 time in the three-cone drill and 3.76 seconds in short shuttle -- the fastest time in recent NFL history, according to's Combine Tracker.
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    Those are freaky numbers. Especially, the SS, Cone and Vert. On the downside, he would be the lightest weight player at the 2012 combine.
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    Get him. He'll either score a TD or get killed on PR.
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    My only worry is can he tackle at that size? That is awfully skinny for a guy who will have to tackle 230 pound RBs and 215 pound WRs on a regular basis.

    He might be better off as a PR/KR and work on conversion to slot WR.

    If he were to stay at DB he'd need a year in a weight training program to try and get him up to 175-180 pounds or so.

    He'd be a flier type pick in the 6th or 7th round for some team hoping they can beef up his frame and teach him the game at this level.

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