Frederick is not a center

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by HoosierCowboy, Apr 26, 2013.

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    But I think there's only one guard spot that's open - Bern's.

    Living's played well overall. I don't think he's in danger of losing his spot.

    At the other spot you've got...

    And Costa, if he's replaced at center.

    We're heard murmurs about Leary getting an honest shot at starting.

    The result is that I think Frederick will most likely be the starting center.
  2. marchetta

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    While his 40 was bad, his 20, 3-cone, and short-shuttle times were better than or near Coopers. 40 time for an OL means NOTHING! Also, Wisconsin has one of the most elite weight training programs of any school in the country. They don't train their players to do reps. They train them to build core strength. The fact that he did so little reps at 225 is indicative of this. However, he's one of the strongest players the Wisconsin coaching staff has ever had. I believe he also squats 700lbs! That's called core strength. Some of you who complain about his 225 reps still confuse reps with functional strength. Travis has more core strength, ie functional strength, than most/any other OL in this, or any other, draft. Also, he lost 25-30 lbs to increase his mobility once moved to Center. While he still dominated, he did lose some of his core strength from the weight loss. If we do move him to Guard, then he'll be asked to put back on his weight. Then, he'll regain his lost strength and he'll be a MONSTER!
  3. Yuma Cactus

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    I am flabergasted that anyone who has watched ANY of What the Travis Frederick's game tape could say he isn't strong. Just an absolute bear.
  4. Hoofbite

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    Well, pretty sure he's gonna play center.

    At least it sounds that way from Jerry's post-draft press conference yesterday.

    He specifically talked about having Tyron on the outside and Frederick in the middle as the "anchor" and that allows them to fill in the gaps over the next few years.

    If Dallas gets a RT who can play, the weaknesses as G might be minimized provided there was solid play on the outside and in the middle.
  5. Yuma Cactus

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    I thought he looked better at G, but he is surely an anchor and will hold the pocket. I loved Floyd but rederick and Terrence Williams are pretty good door prizes.
  6. Hoofbite

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    Another thing to consider.

    I heard someone somewhere, can't really remember where raving about how smart he is and how fast he picks things up on the football field. I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure there was some mention of being one of the smartest OL that so-and-so had ever seen.

    If that's the case, they're probably going to ask him to make the line calls.

    Perhaps the team just feels that the OL was too out of whack before the snap last year and getting someone who can make the correct calls and hold their own will go a long way in getting improved play. Wishful thinking, IMO, but better than nothing I suppose.
  7. SPHawk

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    Gil Brandt had him ranked in the early 20's before the Combine. He said after he ran his 40 he immediately dropped him down in the 50's. I think its crazy to move a center/guard that far down because of a slow 40. His other drills were on par or with the best. I have a feeling a lot of the experts probably did the same thing there.
  8. newlander

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    ....he's like 80:laugh1:

    ........I DO think we need him at Center the more I think about it....time to make Costa a backup....or cut him.
  9. Chuck 54

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    I have little doubt we put him at center.

    1. We want a fair evaluation of last year's guards after a healthy training camp and playing alongside a quality center.

    2. Callahan starts with LT, and his next most important position is Center according to what we read.

    Zone blocking does not work when the middle gives way and no one can stay on their routes.
  10. RoyTheHammer

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    From what im hearing and reading about him, in college he was def a guy who could not only neutralize his man in pass protection but also help out the guards with their assignments, as well. Not to mention his intelligence and being able to get everyone on the line on the same page pre snap. Less for Tony to have to do with him in there.
  11. Yuma Cactus

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    Gonna be some serious competition for the 3 interior line spots with What the Travis Frederick, Mac, Livings, Leary, Costa, Killer and Arkin.
  12. CowboysYanksLakers

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    He's a center...
  13. AsthmaField

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    Not strong, lol.
  14. burmafrd

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    Reggie White rag dolled LA the first time they matched up. But never again. Any player can get owned at some point. But if they do, watch the second time they meet: the real good players will have an answer.
  15. JerryFan

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    I agree. Hopefully we have a nice battle come camp time. I'm ready for rookie camp just to see where they're playing Frederick.
  16. TheSport78

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    Didn't Kosier make the line calls when he was at LG? It can be done.
  17. Angus

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    I believe he will be the center because that is what Romo will want. Romo's main problem last year seemed to be from bull rushes up the middle which forced him to vacate the pocket so that the right tackle didn't know where he would be, resulting in a sack, a throw-away or, too often, a bad pass.

    Frederick will stop that.

  18. Yuma Cactus

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    As much as most don't want to address, this wasn't a problem with Costa on the field in 2012. I know that wasn't often but Costa was solid when he played.
  19. Hardline

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    He was drafted to play center and thats where he will play.
  20. FiveRings

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    Frederick is absolutely a center and that's exactly where he'll play. Listen to Jerry,Stephen and JG talk about him, they're not talking about the advantages of drafting a good interior lineman, they're talking about the advantages of drafting a center

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