Free Agency Enters Phase Two

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    sorry if repost........


    On the fifth day of the 2006 league year, the big money is drying up.

    Sure, guys are still getting paid. But the market has softened. Considerably.

    On Wednesday, Cleveland signed Willie McGinest to a three-year, $12 million contract with $6 million in "bonuses and guarantees." That term is a bit misleading, since there are several kinds of "bonuses" -- not all of which will definitely be paid.

    In Seattle, defensive tackle Rocky Bernard re-signed with the Seahawks, inking a three-year, $13 million deal with a $5.4 million signing bonus.

    In Green Bay, the Packers signed defensive tackle Ryan Pickett. In Tennessee, the Titans signed safety Chris Hope. Terms of neither deal have been disclosed, which could mean that the agents involved don't have much reason to brag.

    Elsewhere, safety Will Demps signed with the Giants, receiver Peter Warrick re-signed with the Seahawks, and quarterback Jeff Garcia signed with the Eagles.

    These are all second-tier transactions, of interest only to the fans of the teams involved and general football nerds (like us). And even though some big names remain on the market (LaVar Arrington, Charles Woodson, Julian Peterson, Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson), the monster deals are generally done for this year.


    Time for the Cowboys to get a little more involved. The fire sale is about to begin and unsigned players will start to panic. I'm glad we waited for the market to come to us rather than overpay like many teams have so far.
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    Exactly. You don't want to set the market. That's why some of the best franchises and organizations don't get involved for a week or so. Now, you come in and pick out the things you want...
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    Just as long we we don't wait another 1-2 more weeks before getting more active.
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    Hope we didnt wait to long though.... And it seems we did wait too long on signing a young talented FS like most of us agreed had to be a priority.....=(

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