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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Here are Doug Free's game by game ratings per PFF...


    Negative ratings the first 4 games of the season.
    Positive ratings the last 3 games of the season.
    Worst game vs Philly.
    Best game vs Pitt.
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    That's a very good point.
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    well PFF is not worth a bucket of warm spit but you could also argue that Free seeing that Parnell was starting to split time with him got worked up enough to play better.

    Problem with that is if so then you cannot trust Free.
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    That doesn't excuse a remarkably pitiful performance.

    If you're only judging him for where he (i) blocks terribly and (ii) his terrible block actually affects the out come of the play (rather than just judging him on when the blocks terribly, regardless of outcome), then you're doing it wrong.
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    Good point

    Not sure that he is, but if so, he may want to re-evaluate.

    But then again, I appreciate that job is doing this in the first place.
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    Unless he's glossing over embarrassingly bad performances by Free, in which case it's a disservice to people who might be relying on his analysis.

    I mean, that gif is bad ... just bad.
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    No, I don't particularly like what I've seen but beyond a few plays here and there he's not been the problem. I haven't seen the other All 22's except for one where he definitely did worse than even the TB game, so I kinda know what's coming. He's doing some things pretty well and others not so. He's just not created too many problems...yet.
  8. jobberone

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    You have to see the entire play. If I remember correctly that play was to the left and the ball was released quickly by design. So he knew he didn't have to do much. My problem with that is you should always be prepared. What if Romo had mishandled the ball or whatever. Then your guy could be in the play. I don't want people to get the idea I think Free is doing well but so far he's done well enough excepting a few plays. And there are things he does reasonably well.
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    I've enjoyed this thread but would like to know this also. How did Free look as a whole even when his actions did not directly impact the play?
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    I'm sure Free, or any other player one could mention, probably isn't really as bad as we all think. I kind of get the impression that we all tend to fixate on the really bad plays by any given player. We remember really horrendous plays and in our perception they were horrible the entire game. I think any time you go back and really study a player in any given game, you're going to see that they played pretty well for most of the game, with a few really bad plays that stick out. The problem is, at a pro level, even a few bad plays can sink the team that game, so if a player consistently has several bad plays a game it is not acceptable. That is where Free fits, imho. He consistently has a few bad plays per game, which is unacceptable. It's like if Tony threw 5 picks every game. The rest of his plays might be fantastic, but if he consistently threw 5 picks per game it would sink the team.
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    I believe he is favoring his left knee in the video..He may have enough pain that affects his ability to anchor and quickness. The coaching staff may know more than we do.Lets see how training camp goes.
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    You make some valid points.

    At least going by the PFF grades, Free ranked 66th out of the 80 OT's they rated.

    And while one may question the whole PFF grading system, I'll tell ya, their ranking of Free at #66 sounds about right to me.

    Could he have been a little better than that? Yeah maybe.

    But even if he's the 40th rated OT in the game, for being the highest paid RT in the NFL... Well that's not good value from the Cowboy's perspective. And regardless if they keep'em, cut'em or whatever, the Cowboys haven't gotten good value out of him the last two seasons. BTW in 2011 he was the 44th rated tackle per PFF.
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    He sucked in 2011 and 2012. If he had a significant injury we would have heard about it by now.
  14. jobberone

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    Dal at Bal

    This was a good game which I think we should have won. There were a few plays which cost us the game. OT had a TD hit him in the hands and he didn't make the play. He also appeared to not finish a route which may have stalled another drive. Free and another player (I think Phillips) had a false start which stalled a drive which ended in a field goal. We gave up a ST TD on a KO that was the big back breaker. Bryant was probably interfered with and missed a 2 pt conversion. We missed a FG at the end of the game which would have won it. With one exception Romo was fantastic. For those who think he never throws a ball away you're wrong; at least this game. Wish he would have throw one more away though. Murray gets more yards than he should fairly often. He's not an elite RB IMO but he's a very good one. For the Jones haters, he had a pretty good game but he's not the back Murray is. Thank you Jason Witten. For those who don't think Jason Garrett likes to run you need to review this game. I thought he should have used more play action passes but oh well. We ran the ball down their throats on a few possessions. Many of those runs were up the middle. Without looking I think Balt was missing its starting NT; someone verify that please (I'm being pinched for time right now).

    We ran the ball extremely well esp in the first half. We were still able to run effectively in the 2nd half although we did miss Murray. I didn't watch the entire line but you see things and they all played pretty well as you'd expect running the ball that well. Free and Bernie picked up the blitz fairly well and stunts, too, although not many of those. Balt picked the right moments with the blitz and they used it and executed it well. It caused Romo problems. He threw 1 INT and he was pressured and it was on him. We ran 42 times for 227 yds. Romo was 25-36-261-2-1 with one sack. We had 30 first downs and they had 19. Balt did not turn the ball over. They rushed for 88 and Flacco was 17-26-234-1-0. This was just a good football game execution wise and also to watch. I had to rewind several times because I was watching the game and not Free.

    Free had a very good game. He and/or ?Phillips had the false start that I think stalled a drive resulting in a FG. He still had a little problem with bull rushes but not as bad as before although that may just be who he played. They definitely weren't as powerful as the DE for TB who was a handful. His zone blocking was good as was the drive blocking. He is pretty mobile for an OT and pulled at least once and was used a couple of times to sprint out to block on the edge for a WR screen. He did reasonably well although at times he seems a little hesitant about who to hit at the second level. As a player that's going to happen as you don't know what the RB is doing or going. Still he could do better IMO. OTOH, he had several blocks at that level that generated yards for the RB. When he locks up on a second level defender they are out of the play generally. He sealed well. His pass protection was good and he gave up no sacks or pressures this game. Again the few times he was bull rushed he gave up ground but it wasn't a problem for that play nor was it that bad.

    I wish I had time to look at all the OL but I'd like to get thru all the games. I want to say I have no agenda and I've been pleasantly surprised by his play so far with a few exceptions. At this point the only parts of his game I'm concerned with is how he handles the bull rush, some inconsistency, and perhaps with what appears to be effort at times. He has not been dominating at all but that's ok. He just needs to do his job.

    I don't mind the criticism and I'm the first to admit I'm not the best guy on this forum to critique the OL as I really never played or coached it. However, I think I'm being reasonably accurate with what's happening. I'm certain I could probably word things better. If you disagree I'd prefer you be looking at the All 22 and all of his plays for that game. Also, if you can put up the time marker for any plays you'd like to go over that'd make it much easier for me to find the exact play you're referring to.

    I'm enjoying this but it is taking up more time than I thought it would. I'll finish this but I'll be more careful what I volunteer for in the future. :) If anyone wants to do a game or more please do. I won't be able to do another game until Monday most likely. Next up is Dal vs Car.
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    I don't believe he was injured, either. And I don't understand how he's played so poorly. I believe he really struggled with the system change last season, but that's no excuse for keeping him around. He did play better later, either because he snaps were reduced or because he had more stable OG play next to him, or both.

    It doesn't matter, though, if a younger more athletic guy is playing as well or better in his spot, he has to either take a huge paycut and win his roster sport as a swing OT in camp, or be let go. There's no reason to reserve his spot on the roster.
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    Come on man, you have to be kidding? Michael Bennett beat him up under the flag pole before school, took his lunch money, and ran off with his girlfriend.

    Half of Michael Bennett's entire career highlight reel is from that game.
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    I see two major flaws in Free game:

    1) at times complete lack of confidence that carries forward.
    2) lack of strength at point of contact.

    these are not things you want to be discussing for 29 year old offensive lineman entering this 7th season.
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    Even if that play was to the left, it was a horrible block. That defender could easily chase a back down from behind. It was a pitiful, pitiful play that is wholly inexcusable and should not be swept under the rug in order to support some pollyanna point of view.
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    I wonder why everyone who has taken the time to watch the all 22 focusing exclusively on Free have drawn one conclusion while those who haven't and let others "thiink" for them have another.

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