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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Apr 5, 2013.

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    This is my problem with your analysis while reading this thread. Now I don't have access to the game film like you do so I can't review the games to make exact counter arguments, but you seem to write off poor play from Free if it doesn't directly result in a negative play. To me poor play is poor play. I don't care if its a quick run to the left and Free is more or less irrelevant, if hes getting beat its bad play on his part no matter what. Free struggles with the bull rush and in run blocking way too much for me to trust him as the starting RT going into next season. If he takes a pretty sizable pay cut I'm all for him coming back and competing, but if he's at $8M next year its an obvious cut in my book.
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    What are you using for your gifs?
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    The rush was straight upfield.
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    Virtualdub, imagemagick to optimize.

    I've got 6 games open in virtualdub right now minimized (it takes minutes to load initially, however), and it's only taking up 10MB of RAM combined.


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    My point is that by giving Free a "C" for the Tampa game, you have invalidated your reviews of other games.
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    Here is a previous analysis that I posted about Free:

    I've watched every snap that Free has played over the last 3 seasons at least 10 times each. This year, that includes the 2 additional camera angles provided by the All-22 video.

    Free's problem is not related to the OG playing next to him. He knows what to do, he just can't do it (consistently). Free has a fundamental problem with his upper body (hand/arm/shoulder) strength. He just can't use proper technique with his hands.

    As Couchscout pointed out in a thread earlier this season, Justin Smith was the 1st defender to really expose Free's weakness in the 2nd game of the 2011 season. Now, defenders know that all they have to do is get their arms under his and thrust upwards. Free has almost no ability to resist this move. As a result of this weakness, Free has made multiple changes to his technique in an attempt to compensate. Holding his hands lower, etc.. Some defenders are better at exposing his weakness than others.

    Free's foot quickness and size are the only reason that he hasn't played even worse. Most NFL OTs can reach out and slow down defenders if their getting beat or because their out of position. Free can't. He must get his body in perfect position in order to have a chance to make a good block. The problem is that even the most athletic NFL OTs can't get their body in perfect position at all times.

    If I have not described it in enough detail yet, just envision an OT trying to block with both of this hands tied behind his back. If he is big and quick enough, he can make a lot of blocks by just slamming his chest or shoulder pads into the defender and by staying between the defender and the QB.

    The reason that Free can run block ok, it that he can just lean his body or shoulder pads into the defender.

    Parnell is the opposite of Free. He does not always know exactly what to do, especially in terms of working with the OG. There is a lot a split-second timing involved in handing-off a defender from one blocker to the other and then getting out to make a 2nd block. Too quick and the initial defender wins. Too slow and the 2nd defender wins.

    Parnell has elite foot quickness and very good size; however, it's his upper body strength that will allow him to become a much superior player to Free. It is very refreshing to see Parnell doing hand-battle with the defenders in comparison to watching Free.
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    We all agree Free is paid too much right now. Isn't possible, though, to evaluate someone independent of his salary? You are implying that a C grade, which is average, should be an F for someone who is paid to be above-average. That's strange logic.

    The OP's evaluation is obviously not based upon his salary but on how he thinks Free compares to other linemen in the league.
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    LOL.......Doug Free at this weekly worst.

    Talk about blowing something up in someones face. LOL
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    That's your opinion and it's BS. First of all who cares what the subjective grade is? My C is your F. So??? I'm looking at all the snaps and grading the entire game and not going 'you screwed up a few plays so you fail; not only do you fail that game you fail the entire season'. That's how you're coming off and you look silly doing so.

    It's a cognitive distortion to say I don't agree with you on some plays so your entire opinion is worthless not only for that game but all games. Your opinion is invalidated. In fact your opinion is just totally worthless. What you really mean is I am invalidating your opinion because I say so and here are four plays which invalidate half a season's snaps. How arrogant of you!! Who the hell do you think you are!? You couldn't be more narcissistic if you tried.

    You've made your objections to my analysis. There is no need for you to keep interjecting that singular opinion into the thread over and over. If you keep doing so it is going to appear harassing and annoying.

    As an aside, you posted a thread where you denigrate a former scout of the Cowboys as well as Broaddus. That's very enlightening. Seems you don't value others' opinions very much and overvalue yours way too much.

    While I'm certainly no couchscout, this same sort of thing has happened in the past with certain posters annoying the crap out of members who put up football threads. They become so annoying, obnoxious and harassing to the poster that they say to hell with it and why should I spend hours doing something for the board and have a few come along and frack it up? So we don't get those kinds of threads from those posters anymore.

    So I ask you; do you wish to be the kind of poster who is incredibly annoying and obnoxiously rude and screws up threads that others may be interested in?
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    You just arent getting it. He isnt THE problem, but he is clearly PART of the problem. That part being the way he plays his position. He is NOT a good RT. There is nothing you can view or show that can prove that statement false. Average is not good, average is average. You dont win superbowls or build dominant lines with average lineman. And you certainly dont pay them 8 million per year. He has been a complete bust of a signing and we need to get rid of him. As I have said, you can possibly hide ONE average lineman in with 4 other great ones and still have a dominant line. Personally, I wouldnt want that one average one to be at center or tackle.

    THE problem with the line is that we have 4 average to BAD lineman on our line with little to nothing on the bench. We need One new guard, one new tackle, and a new center. All need to be good to great. I would hope that out of the two guards we signed last year that one of them could be that average lineman that we can hide. If not, then we will need 4 guys new.
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    My comment about salary was just my way of saying that Free is a seasoned veteran player.

    If he was a rookie or a player getting his 1st significant snaps in real NFL games, then he would get the same grade; however, I would be looking to see if his failures were due to inexperience or lack of talent. If Free was a rookie, I would still give him an F for the Tampa game; however, I would give him a B for potential because he made a number of good blocks. Unfortunately, Free was not a rookie or 1st time player and was not injured. There are no excuses.

    With an inexperienced player I would be looking at the good blocks that he made to see if he has some ability to develop. With Free, there is really no reason to focus on any good blocks that he makes. He is expected to make those. For a veteran OLineman, it is all about consistently making good blocks throughout the game. He can't have 3 or 4 complete failures in a game. It's like a pitcher in baseball. The pitcher can make 100 great pitches, but if he gives up 4 home runs, then he failed.
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    I'm basing my opinion on what I've seen so far and not the entire season or his entire career. If and when he gets worse then I'll say that. And I'm not even looking at the rest of the line. But I do get glimpses. I don't have the time to look at each OL. I could do so every play but it would take much more time than I have. This has already become onerous for me time wise.
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    I think you need to review any comments that I've made to you. I have not been rude, maybe repetitive, but not rude. It feels rude to you because you don't like the content of what I'm saying.

    As far as the Ex Scouts post, I had an opinion and was curious to get feedback. I think we would all like to know why the Cowboys failed at drafting in the past. I thought that it might be interesting to explore why the past drafts might have failed for reasons other than, "it's Jerry, it's Jerrah, it's Jerra, etc.. Here is part of that post:

    As far as valuing other peoples opinions, I have stated in the past how I value other peoples opinions.

    I just told a member yesterday that I find value in the disagreements that I have with him because it flushes out many issues with players, etc..

    I have spent a lot of time and posted a lot of info on the Salary Cap in the past; however, multiple times in the process, I've said that I'm just giving it my best shot and would prefer that AdamJT13 show up and set us all straight.

    Since you mention him, I have said in the past that I really appreciate couchscout's posts and that it would be great to have a thread were he answers questions without the thread getting derailed by people questioning his abilities or opinions.

    In regards to the draft, I stated in some threads my respect for the ex media draft analyst Wes Bunting. I thought he was the best media draft analyst in 2012 and now the word is that he was hired by an NFL team.

    In regards to people leaving this message board, I know that some significant contributors and valued members are now gone. I know many of them and know for a fact that I am not one of the people that they had issues with, in fact it is quite the opposite.
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    I didn't direct any comments towards you about being rude. I said you were annoying and harassing but then that is obnoxious and rude. There is no need to continue to post the same thing over and over. We get your point. I've countered and I'm not going to continue to do so football wise but I will respond to this one last time.

    And yes you did marginalize my opinions by stating because a few of my judgements didn't meet your criteria then all of my opinions were worthless. That is the height of arrogance and narcissism.

    I apologize for giving the impression my latter statements were directed at you. However, the fact remains that people who put in a lot of work and put it out there are often annoyed to the point they don't post that kind of work anymore. In fact some don't post here at all anymore. And it is EXACTLY the same problem here and the reason why I'm not ever going to do anything like this again. It's too much work to be marginalized over, mocked and ridiculed. In fact the very fact that that goes on to that extent gives me great pause about this site in general speaking as a member.

    Now you posted earlier, a few posts above, some work you did on Free. Now this is exactly the kind of posts this thread and others needs. It doesn't matter whether you and I agree or anyone else for that matter. It's nice to get that kind of post out there and people should be respectful and thoughtful if they are going to disagree.
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    Philly at Dallas

    We won this game on big plays. Harris returned a punt 78 yards. Carr picked off a pass and returned it 47 yards for a score. Romo threw a 30 TD to Dez to start it all. And Hatcher recovered a fumble in the EZ to finish it. We rushed for 101 yds on 25 carries. Romo was 19-26-209-2-0. Philly had 23 first downs and we had 14. We had no turnovers. Otherwise we really didn't look very good most of the time although we had a couple of drives before the Dez TD. Romo got sacked three times and it should have been twice that at least. He was a magician at times. Philly used a lot of stunts and/or blitzes to put pressure on Tony. It looked like a breakout most of the time. Most of that was up the middle with some from both sides. Our run game was so so.

    Free had a ho hum game. He didn't give up a sack and struggled only a couple of times in the pass game once on a bull rush and once outside. His run blocking was decent and a couple of times he pulled and got a hat on someone. He rarely looks dominant but he does get a hat on people and keeps them out of the play. He seals well although he doesn't do it with panache. He just gets the job done.
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    In reviewing the complete thread, yes some things that I said seem repetitive. Some of that is the nature of message boards as compared to direct conversations. Having hours or days between early posts and later posts distort the intention to some degree.

    Sorry, that was not really my intention.

    I was trying to say that if we disagreed about the Tampa game, then we would disagree about about the other games in a similar fashion. My view was/is that the discussion could just focus on the 1 game and then be extrapolated out the the others.

    I make a specific effort not to be rude to other posters just because I disagree with them. I try not to be rude to any posters; however, I do find myself getting snarky with some people that create ridiculous posts or can't be bothered to put some effort into making their post legible. Obviously, you are not in that category.

    Don't let me or some other disagreements derail you from analyzing Cowboys/football related issues and posting your conclusions here. Debate should improve everybody's ability in terms of analysis. I believe that my attempts to analyze the salary cap were improved by debate and disagreement from other posters. Many small details get flushed out through this process. I've gone back and reviewed draft prospects after people posted their disagreement with my analysis. I felt as if my final analysis was better with the debate/disagreement than without it.

    Sometimes I just tire of repeatedly posting certain things like the analysis of Free's play or salary cap ramifications or reasons why the Cowboys are highly unlikely to draft a player like Honey Badger.

    In this thread, I decided to let the Gifs do some of the work. I continued to use the same ones because that's what I had available. Props to hairic for doing awesome video work.
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    Cleveland at Dallas week 11

    Decent game which went into OT and we won on a FG. Each team had a TO on a fumble and no INTs. They had 7 sacks and we got two one being a FF and recovery by Spencer (which we promptly gave back to them). We were down 13 at the half, got up and then had to score a FG on the last possession as time was running out to tie the game. We got the ball first and failed to score on a good drive pinning them deep. The D held and we got great field position on a Harris punt return. We got within scoring range and kicked a FG to win it.

    I love their D. They gave us fits all game and a lot of it was st8 up play with a fair amt of stunts and some blitzes. Parnell came in and played well with one sack given up but a lot of the constant pressure came from inside some stunts by the ends.

    Free had a poor game. He gave up one ole to the DE barely touching him, he and the RG gave up another on a stunt with the DE and DT, and he gave up another sack. He had trouble particularly with #97, Sheard, who is a handful. Most of the problem was just not being able to stay out in front of him. He also had some problems with the bull rush. He was his usual ok in the run game although we aren't exactly a juggernaut there. The entire line looked bad in this game particularly the inside. Tony wasn't able to get away much because of the number of defenders pressuring him, the inside pressure and a couple of ole's by Parnell and Free.

    I will say that I agree with xwalker about Parnell. This was my first good look at him. He wasn't perfect but for extended play against that D he looked good with a couple of exceptions. He is big, strong and has quick feet. He gets his arms out there and has a good punch. He also bulldozed some on a couple of running plays that were st8 out power plays.

    We were lucky to win this one esp getting some calls from the refs albeit legit ones. Kudos to Tony for throwing that way when his receiver was interfered with. I liked the aggression from the Cleveland CBs but they paid for it in the end.
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    Jobberone, are the Cowboys and Football your only sports allegiances? Because with the NHL and MLB going right now, I don't think anything could bring me to watch All 22 film of every game.
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    I'd rather have Rob Pettiti back than go with free another year. At least Rob would suck for much less money
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    :laugh2: Actually I'm a Red Sox and Celtics fan and have been since the late 50s. But I don't know squat about hockey and rarely watch it. I don't even know the rules although I think I've figured out what offsides is. I've not been a huge fan of baseball since the strike and unless I'm at a game I generally get bored. I do watch some college baseball on TV and live. I only watch the playoffs in basketball for the most part. I used to be fishing this time of year but not lately. I'm working on that.

    And I wish I'd never self volunteered to do this. What an idiot I can be. :)

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