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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Apr 5, 2013.

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    It's a valuable thought provoking thread backed by analysis of empirical evidence. I'm not sure what could be more relevant on a football board, especially when the subject is so essential from a future performance and resource perspective. I don't think that it detracts from anybody's mid April hockey enthusiasm, as far as I know.
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    End the thread on that note.

    Anyone who gives Doug Free a "C" in that Tampa game either doesn't know what they are watching or has an agenda.
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    It's a great thread, and I hate the Sawx. We played Sweet Caroline last night at home in memory of the victims and respect for the city.
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    No, THIS is BS.

    A tackle can do 95% of the snaps right and 5% wrong and still get an F.

    Free was horrific in that game. It was the worst game we saw any OL play all year, on a team that was filled with horrific OL performances.

    If that's a C under your system, then there is no credible way to give a player a failing grade. You don't see worse than that from starting linemen.

    Which means the grading for that game is nonsense and casts serious doubt as to the ability of the grader on every grade.

    Pot meet kettle.
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    I just went back and watched every snap Blaine Gabbert took last season. He gets a "C" from me. If you call me crazy, you are being narcissistic.
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    You shouldn't have to keep saying this.
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    This thread is entertaining. One thing that I see clearly is that people have very little tolerance with people that judge things on a different basis than their own.

    Looking at the whole body of work including both good and bad versus fixating on particularly egregious mistakes.

    Considering the salary, experience or other demographics of a player versus just looking at the play in and of itself.

    Looking at the result of the play versus some expected performance.

    You don't even see much of the various viewpoints being argued. It's basically turned into ad hominem time to slam the paradigm for being different.

    jobber is saying that Free is not as bad as everyone seems to claim he is. That is okay. It's one man's opinion.
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    The paradigm should always stay the same. Anybody saying otherwise should be slammed. If you think that sort of thing, keep it to yourself. We're happy with the paradigm the way it always has been.
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    if a tackle has four bad plays in one game and his QB gets sacked on each one then that is a horrible game. Even though its only 4 plays.
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    I agree and I hardly meant it in a mean spirited way, I actually tip my cap to him for if I pulled out anything football related at this point in time I'd probably be wondering where the outfielders are.
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    Correct. And there's no way it was an average performance.

    It was a god-awful performance. Failing is the only way to put it. Completely unacceptable. Headed-for-unemployment-and-being-out-of-the-league bad.

    Obviously TB wasn't the only game Doug Free played, but giving a rating of a "C" for that game is simply unsupportable.

    Which means I question the rest of the ratings too.

    In any case, pretty much everyone on the planet knows Free was nowhere near good enough last year even if he was making the league minimum. He has been better in the past but there is absolutely no room on this team, period, for a player who plays like he played last year.

    He was atrocious. He was so bad he lost his job to Parnell, who is not exactly some kind of rising star, he's a decent swing tackle. That didn't happen because he was playing "average."

    Saying you hope he bounces back is one thing, but in any case a prudent general manager would have offensive tackle as one of the prime spots in desperate need for attention in terms of personnel change this offseason.

    And anyone who looks at the "film" and comes to a different conclusion regarding Free's play last year is not someone whose opinion I plan on giving any credence to. He was terrible and everyone knows it. I am quite sure that Doug Free had far, FAR more good plays than bad plays but unfortunately that is not relevant. Every starting tackle has far more good plays than bad. Free was nowhere close to where a quality tackle needs to be last year, though.
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    By the way, I'm not going to validate someone's opinion just because they claim that they are going back and studying tape and then are coming to some wildly contradictory stance.

    I, like theogt, watched every game multiple times and did in fact focus on line play while I watched.

    And yet I didn't see a game review in this thread prior to the Cleveland game where the grader said that Free had a poor game.

    Well, I know that's not true.
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    This thread makes me miss Flozell. Good work Jobber.
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    Just another view of all that is Doug Free...

    Yeah, his 2011 season didn't justify his paycheck.

    And his 2012 season was even worse...

    For grins though, let's compare Free's 2012 season with a couple other right tackles...

    A very good right tackle.

    A good right tackle.

    An Average right tackle.

    And Doug Free.

    First here are Free's key numbers for 2012:

    15 penalties/6 sacks/4 QB hits/41 pressures

    For the very good tackle I've chosen Andre Smith, and here are his key numbers for 2012:

    4 penalties/7 sacks/2 QB hits/24 pressures

    For the good tackle I've chosen Sebastian Vollmer, and here are his key numbers for 2012:

    5 penalties/6 sacks/7 QB hits/22 pressures

    For the average tackle I've chosen Demar Dotson, and here are his key numbers for 2012:

    10 penalties/7 sacks/8 QB hits/26 pressures

    It's easy to see why Free's 2012 didn't measure up.

    The two big areas that separate Free from the others are penalties and pressures given up.

    In penalties Free is averaging about 1 per game. The top guys are averaging about 1 per 3 games.

    In pressures Free is averaging about 2 1/2 per game. The top guys are averaging about 1 1/2.

    From looking back at Free's past history, he's always been on the high side when it comes to penalties. He had 11 of them in 2010 and 10 in 2011.

    It's the number of pressures given up that has gone through the roof, from 21 in 2010 to 34 in 2011 and then 41 last season.

    Can Free make up that difference or in other words cut his pressures by 1/2?

    I don't have the answer to that.
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    Wash at Dallas

    This was a painful game to watch. Tony was pressured most of the night. We had to get the ball out quickly to get anything or Tony escaped and made a play. When we came back towards the end it was mostly because Wash stopped sending people and stunting so much. They were almost able to dial up pressure at will. The tackles actually weren't too bad although I didn't look at Parnell the entire game so I could have missed something. Free did well most of the game but gave up a sack at the end. Again that play was one where there was pressure all over and Tony had no where to go. Free held his guy long enough for most plays but his guy eventually caught Tony for a big loss. Most of the problem was along the interior handling stunts. The RG stuck out for me the most but I didn't watch each play more than twice that often. We looked horrible.
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    Kinda scary considering their best pass rusher was sidelined.
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    Appreciated your efforts Jobber !

    It's a long off season, it's nice to read about our Cowboys !
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    Philly at Dallas

    Vastly different game than the Wash one. Both teams moved the ball well and both Ds had trouble stopping each other. Big plays both teams we made more. They turned the ball over once and we had none. We did give up a long punt return and gave them a chance at the end but Witten recovered an onsides kick and we won again evening up our record.

    Free played fairly well with one sack given up. I don't see the penalties well although I see flags. He put a head lock on a DE once and I'm fairly certain they dinged him for it. Smith was back and he had his problems. Free had some problems with the bull rush as usual but no sacks there. He also had trouble with the spin move which is the first I'd seen anyone do to him this year which I find strange. Run blocking was ok. Romo looked good. Witten was great, Dez was Dez and Miles scored, too.
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    No problems getting bull rushed, huh? Ok it wasn't a sack but you don't think that Romo sees and feels that pressure? That's an's called a pressure.

    Pressures, knockdowns, sacks, penalties are all bad and they all contribute to outcomes physically, mentally and with play calling on both sides.
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    I have no idea where you got that as his ability to stop the bull rush has been a problem for him all season. He doesn't always get bull rushed in a game which I find peculiar since they should see the tape. And he deals with it better some games than others which is understandable since he's facing different players every week. I might report him struggling with a pass block and that player may get near Tony but that doesn't always mean he was pressured. Tony gets the ball out without having to move or throw quickly reasonably often. Pressures are subjective and I haven't really reported them although I see them and take them into account. In the Wash game Tony was under pressure very often all game. Most of that came from the interior though although not all. Not sure what your point is other than to grouse.

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