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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Aug 21, 2013.

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    While most are freaking out I'm actually intrigued by this move. Obvious Free has had a very solid camp and offseason and onviously they really like Parnell. Maybe free really has grasped the scheme and is confident in moving to OG. He has quickness and possibly will be a great pulling OG also if and when Leary comes back you will have an experienced guy next to him. I'm betting this has been in the works for awhile and now that Parnell is healthy they were ready to make the move. I maybe in the minority but I think Free is going to make a solid OG
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    I think they are giving him the reps as an option given the fact that Bernadeau, Leary and Livings as well as Kevin Kowalski are either injured of coming off an injury and looking at Free as an option. Dallas is not making him a starting G and by all accounts has looked good a RT. Parnell is not going to win that job and coming off an injury of his own is not looking good right now
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    Well, Leary plays LG so when he comes back he'll be next to two youngsters in Smith and Fred. I'm also intrigued by this move. Didn't Free and Parnell play next to each other from time to time last year when they ran a 6-man O-line? Maybe they liked what they saw. It also plays into the whole "best 5 guys on the field" philosophy. If they like Parnell and Free, then an OL of Smith-Leary-Fred-Free-Parnell might be our best 5.
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    Ah, now I see. If I were to read all that into the move, then, yeah, I'd be freaking out, too.

    Not really. I"d think what I think anyway. That the worst case scenario here is we end up with the RG we had last season, after upgrading C and LG in the offseason. Best case is we end up with an upgrade at RG, too. Not too much downside here, and the fact that we're doing it now is entirely a function of injuries and our present depth.
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    Jerry Jones said in the offseason that Free could play RG. He wouldn't have said that if it hadn't been discussed. It wasn't like this was a snap decision.
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    I don't care who plays what as long as they do their job well enough. Whichever five works well together is fine for me.

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