Friday, a REALLY a bad day to be The State Fair of Texas

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    First, Big Tex burns before 11am...then this around 9pm. Word is, you get a free hardhat, orange safety vest, repelling-rope and fire extinguisher with every admission ticket purchased today and tomorrow. :muttley:

    Riders Stranded Aboard Stratosphere at State Fair (click for video)

    It just wasn't the State Fair of Texas' day.

    About 11 hours after fair icon Big Tex went up in flames, one of the fair's tallest rides malfunctioned, stranding two dozen riders in the air for just more than two hours on Friday.

    Riders in the Stratosphere's hanging seats were stuck dangling about 165 feet in air when the ride lost power at about 9:11 p.m.

    Carol Stradtman, one of the stranded riders, told NBC 5 by phone that all of the lights went off and the ride just stopped.

    "It's extremely scary," she said.

    The 24 riders were all on the ground by 11:20 p.m. Dallas Fire-Rescue said all of the occupants were safely removed from the ride after it was manually lowered.

    Dallas police said fair officials provided the riders with blankets and refreshments once they were on the ground and that the fire department was on hand to provide any needed medical attention.

    State Fair of Texas representatives said the Stratosphere would remain closed for the remainder of the fair's run.

    This year's fair ends Sunday.

    Power was restored to the ride by 10:50 p.m., but there appeared to be some issue that prevented the ride from immediately lowering its passengers.


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