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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by playmakers, Jan 17, 2014.

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    If your a sports fan I suggest you check it out. Its a 10 week documentary on 5 eight and nine yr old tackle teams that all hate each other pratice, play and talk stuff about each other. The coaches are cowards. If you do a search everyone says its child abuse. For example

    The one coach right before their game vs their biggest rival the Rockets has his team chant "Woo Woo Beep the Rockets" like 5x. Then the one coach says parents are going to be mad and he responds I don't give a beep. They mad anyway. I'm out to bust the Rockets beep. This is all being done by 8 and 9 yr olds and in front of them. When they do play they were winning 25-0 with 1 sec left and he runs the score up and is proud to admit he did it.

    This other coach tells his player on the first play, on set, to blow up the center and take a 5 yd pentaly. He was telling him before the game I want you to knock the crap out of him.

    Watch for yourself. That's only two examples. I love it when coaches in youth football act so tough and 95 percent of them are wimps. That's why they act this way. They yell and make these kids run and hit so much its ridiculous. And if a kid gets hurt he can't show weakness. They tell them to get up. Etc etc.
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    I watched it...really cool program, but the adults running those teams are absolutely despicable imo.

    The one coach said their opening game was "the biggest of his life" as he cried when they lost.

    The way that these kids are treated is pretty pathetic if you ask me, and it doesn't look like many of them are having any fun. It looks more to me like that league is for the parents to try to showoff than for the kids. Really not a good look for Texas Youth Football.

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