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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by JohnMarshall12, Jul 10, 2009.

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    New to forum so felt I would start by contributing something of value. I ran across something a couple of weeks ago that I found pretty interesting and thought I would share. It basically takes a look at a number of company logos that have hidden images or symbols in them. One of those listed is for the Big 10 Conference. I don't really care about the Big 10, but still thought this was pretty cool. Click on the next button to scroll through each of them.

    Let me know if you think this is interesting?

    Hidden Images In Company Logos
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    That was interesting.
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    I remember my design teacher pointing out the FedEx arrow in art school.
    Some are brilliant, but I thought the Amazon smile I thought was obvious.

    And welcome to the forums. :)
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    Original thread idea, I like it....


    The "o" and the "x" in Box are the Christian Ichthus...

    If you turn the Conoco symbol on it's side (one 90 degree turn counterclockwise) you see "OU" twice, and if you turn it upside down, you see it again. Not that I'm a Sooner fan.
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    Glad to hear you guys liked it. I have a few more that I may post at a later point in time. I am just amazed so much thought went into making some logos. Makes me wonder how effective subliminal advertising is?


    Those were pretty good. I will need to show my dad the Conoco one as he is a big Sooner fan.
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    I was in Galeries Lafayette in Paris last year. I remember it specifically because this lady (probably 25) was walking around the store with what look like a cellophane shirt on! Needless to say, she wasn't wearing undergarments under this see through shirt either. Which is probably what made it so memorable! :laugh2:
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