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    It's ok!!!!!! :p:
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    That looks like pre-microwaved Jerry...
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    BLASPHEMY!!! The guy was a complete stooge... 3rd best coach for a college something or another maybe, not jack squat for the Cowboys. Furthermore, Jerry Jones lobbied for Deion to come to Dallas on a national stage, in front of all the supermedia powers. Barry had jack squat to do with getting Deion.

    Comparing Barry Doofus to Parcells is like comparing a VW to a Porsche. Dallas lucked out in winning SB XXX because they got their hind end kicked from the second quarter to the final whistle. If it wasn't for Neil O'Donnel throwing skinny posts twice to Larry "beaten the whole game by WR Mills" Brown, we would have been 0-3 against the Steelers in Super Bowls...

    Lastly, the reason that was a bad Super Bowl was because it probably wouldn't have set well to have Neil O'Donnel being MVP for Dallas, rather the recipient of his interceptions was the only player worthy of recognition... Brown... Had the Steelers pulled out a victory, one could have easily given the MVP to RB Bam Morris because he ran all over Campo's weak decrepid DL back then... Remember Deion getting a clean shot at Morris in the open field and he dove to the ground beside his feet... I guess he tried to knock him off course with his speed and a gust of turbulence.
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    Not only do I remember 4th and 1 in Philly....but I remember it TWICE! It was horrible. We had not converted a third down in the second half. We failed the first time....the refs claimed the TV wasn't ready and ordered a replay and damned if we didn't come out and do the same sheot....AGAIN......Switzer struck me as a buffoon as well.
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    Poor *******. He had no chance at all. I like Campo as a person, but the little guy looked so lost as head coach.
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    At the time, Switzer had the best running back in the NFL and the best offensive line in the NFL... Those two combinations should be able to get you at least one yard every time.
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    So explain how Switzer ran the ball again?
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    I believe Aikman took the snap from center, then handed it off to Emmitt running left behind Allen (or Newton) and Tuinei (2 pro bowlers). Johnston was probably blocking in there somewhere (another pro bowler).

    All I am saying is that if you have the best, you should ride the horses that got you there. In the end, we still got home field advantage and won the Superbowl. So thankfully the point is moot.
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    Very true. Sorry I mistook your statement earlier. Nice to see that there is another logical person who does not hold that against him. There are plenty of other things, we all know. But that was the players on the field and their execution, not a poor decision reflecting fault on his part.
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    Switzer called the play. He didn't run the ball.
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    Envy is a horrible thing...
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    Notice the 4 Lombardi trophies in the background? Switzer, as incompetent as he was, helped us bring home #5. That's what I'll remember him by.

    Well, that and the 4th and 1 debacle at Philly...or him getting caught with the gun at the airport...or Aikman hating his guts.
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    This has to go down as one of the more ridiculous posts. Which assistant coaches are you referring to? That offensive 'genius' Ernie Zampese (who very nearly did for Aikman's career what he did for Jim Everett's)? Or could it be the second coming of Bear Bryant, otherwise known as Dave Campo? Or perhaps you are referring to Mike Zimmer? Joe Avezanno??

    Diss Barry all you want, but to credit the assistant coaches with 'totally' controlling the team is ludicrous. Barry's tragic flaw was a failure to instil fear and discipline in his players. This combined with a significant loss of assistant coaching talent (Turner for Zampese, the loss of Wannstedt and Davis) and Jerry Jones' absolutely dreadful drafting is what ruined a budding dynasty.
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    Aikman hated Gailey's guts too. His expert scouting caused us to trade a three to move up for LaFleur and he was indirectly responsible for the Galloway trade.

    I don't consider him a Saint either.
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    you're kidding right?
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    Cannonball, I have to ask...How old are you?

    Try this The Guy in the picture

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