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    Any Fringer's on here :)

    Season 5 - Final season starts 9/28/12

    I could have done with Season 4 ending but I am fanatical about the characters.
  2. Yeagermeister

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    I liked the first couple of seasons but once they started the time travel stuff I lost interest.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agreed...felt like they jumped the shark and it lasted much longer than I figured it would.
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    I enjoyed the show until they went into a third (not really) parallel universe and then added in time travel. It's kind of cool when a show does that from time to time so you can see the same characters who are normally good or evil aligned play the role of the opposite or at least play a different version of their character in some way. However, those times should be limited to one or two episodes at most. Fringe went off the deep end with half-season or full season long trips that made it way too hard to connect and keep up with the characters and the plot lines.


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    Saw the Season 5 Premiere.

    It was pretty cool. I dont think its a NEW DIRECTION for the show. I think it will be tied up at seasons end.

    The observers and their presence have been recorded throughout human history.

    So, I think this (Season 5)is the result of failed attempts by observers to right what was wrong (throughout seasons 1-4)

    A guess at this point.

    I just love this show.

    Etta is hot!
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    I liked the first 2 seasons but the last 2 hasn't been so good. Too many loose ends. Will still watch season 5 though. I like me some Olivia

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