From a Redskin Fan: This is the best team Dallas has had in years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by footballhenry, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Just from what I have seen from the Cowboys this offseason and this season, and with the type of coach I know Parcells is this is without a doubt the best team that you guys have had in years. I really believe that Cowboys have a serious shot at the playoffs. Not tryin to suckup to the enemy but I really do see the Skins and Cowboys approaching their 'old' days of glory. Eagles better watch out because next season (not this season, i dont think) they will be dethroned by one of our beloved/hated teams.

    With Bledsoe, Jones, Keyshawn, etc. and that greatly improved defense the 'Boys should be just fine. Even if I hate to say it;)
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    It's classy of you to give the compliments, even if it is easier the day after a win. =P Congratulations to the skins too, watching them last night, I must say I think by next year, all 4 teams in this division are going to be battling for 10+ wins. It's going to be good for the teams to see such competition again.
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    As you can see this board is up in arms right now. Although in time it will settle down. I think most are pretty excited about our young defense. It should continue to get better...especially up front. I think they are still a year away plus another strong draft away from scaring anyone. Although in the first two games they have showed glimpses. It is just a matter of putting it together for a whole game....not stretches.

    The whole NFC East looks better this year and it may be the saving grace for the weak NFC. Could we be getting back to the old days where the winner of the tough NFC East winds up being the superbowl champion?
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    The NFC East is looking tough. Manning looks to be taking big steps in New York, and I like the discipline Coughlin brings. Philly is still Philly. The Redskins are getting better too. Gibbs and Williams really give them some respectability. They are going to be in a lot of close games, I think. And I still love this team. I think Dallas will be very good when/if they put it together.
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    Nice post. You are a class act Henry. You are the infamous Unicorn, the rarest of breeds, a redskin fan with class.
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    That's it ........Ban him!! We can't have you over here making sense when 3/4 of us aren't. Class act young man. Thank you.

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