From BTB: Back To Basics: Draft Special, Playing It Safe At #9 (good fan post)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Back To Basics: Draft Special, Playing It Safe At #9
    by ChiaCrack on Jan 26, 2011 2:57 PM CST

    Cameron Jordan and Gabe Carimi, in my view possibly the safest picks this draft for us at 9thoverall, no they are not sexy or wow picks, but both player is a great football player. Maybe this draft we should play it safe and take a conservative approach to this upcoming draft.

    In this special draft edition of Back To Basics, I will go into detail on why playing it safe and taking a more conservative approach might be the best strategy to implement in the 2011 NFL Draft. So follow me after the jump for a thought provoking look on Cameron Jordan and Gabe Carimi.

    In the next edition I will start featuring players that you guys want to hear about, so please leave a reply in the comment section and tell me what players you want to hear about, thanks.

    A special Fan Choice edition will then come out next week for you guys. One more player I will be talking about is Brandon Harris CB Miami, who has jumped onto the Cowboys radar in a report that was posted on the front of the BTB website. Me being a fan of the U, I would like to talk more about Brandon Harris. Ok enough small talk, follow me to the jump to get into some heavy draft talk that's exclusively meant for us, Cowboys fans....
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    Thanks, CC.

    It was a good read.

    I like C Jordan at 9 as well, though with the OL, I think we could probably drop a few spots and still pick up the guy we want.
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    The only kick I have here is the last time we played it safe in the first rd we took Carpenter.
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    It's hard to look deep into the heart of a collegiate player. Unless there are a score of strong and reliable indicators. This author tried to include that very aspect as a determination of reliable.
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    I think both Solder and Carimi will move up the boards by the time the draft rolls around. Carimi is one that could play RT for a few years and possibly switch to the left side depending on how Free is doing.

    Having said that, I don't know if the Dallas brass would pay that much for a Right Tackle, so we will probably go Defense in round 1 and grab a guy like Benjamin Ijalana or Demarcus Love in round 2.
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    Being in the top third of each round sure makes a huge difference as to draft approach.
  7. dmq

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    I remember the draft experts saying it was the safest pick of the draft.
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    I will be sick to my stomach if we don't address the OL on day one. it would be nice to find a long term answer at Safety too, and a NT to fill space would be good.

    It all starts in the trenches. If Romo has more time, with our TEs and WRs this offense will simply overpower anyone - we can give up 25 points a game and still go 12-4 IMO. Biggest need - OL - no question. Next biggest need - pressure on the opposing QB. That can helped by scheme as much as player improvement IMO.
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    I like Carimi because he can cover 4 OL spots in a pinch, and as mentioned above, he can even cover for Free if injury bites.

    Honestly, I'm not sure we know what we need on defense, I would like to give Rob a year with the talent we've got and go D if needed next year, or go the FA route. There is no way to judge the defensive talent on this team until they've been coached and prepped.
  10. garyv

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    I don't want Solder in my view hes a Project give me Carimi who will start from day 1 and will for the next 10 years at Tackle.
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    This thinking is why we always have offensive line issues.
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    How is solder a project? The man has as good of a footwork as Joe Thomas just the strength of a TE. Which means all he needs to do is hit the weights. Carimis footwork is above average at best.
  14. acer941

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    Hopefully the draft goes as trade own to 16th pick and take solder then take rahim Moore in the second or pouncey.
  15. mmillman

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    according to some Solder has not looked great at the Senior Bowl. Carimi has really impressed however.
  16. UnoDallas

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    yup an left Mangold for the Jets
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    Jordan at 9 is fine. I like how explosive he is. He's got a little Ratliff in him with more speed. My only worry is how does he hold up at point of attack on runs at him.
    Darieus is better at holding point but not as explosive as Jordan in my opinion.

    Carimi doesn't have the feet to be a LT in the NFL. I think he'll be a very good RT or G. Not sure want to spend 9th pick on him. May trade down to mid teens if you want him.
  18. btcutter

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    Love to see you breakdown comparing these two very good players. Who would be a better PRO?!


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