From ESPN Ben & Skin: Houston Nutt on deck to become RB coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LittleD, Jan 21, 2013.

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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    in the way that he has developed the most running backs of anyone.

    the guy was a head coach for a decade in the SEC and has only been out of coaching a year. hardly some major flaw that he sat 1 season.

    this guy has coached thurman thomas, barry sanders, darren mcfadden, peyton hillis, felix et al.

    that's a heck of a list for a guy who has worked college ranks exclusively.

    who exactly are these other awesome candidates???

    skip peete developed whom exactly here? we saw barber steadily decline; felix looks like he shares a diet with skip. we tried to play rookies that looked great in pre-season but they either can't block or can't hit holes.

    skip is one of the easiest cuts to explain.
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    Have to agree whole-heartedly here, JT. I was honestly surprised that he didn't get the pink slip last year, and think the only reason he didn't was because of how Murray exploded onto the scene.
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    Other than pass you really develop some of those guys you listed or is the majority of it just natural talent.

    You hear all the time that the hardest part for a rookie RB to learn is pass protection because either you have the natural athletic ability, jukability and vision or you do not at RB for the most part.

    I am not sure that him having coached those guys is a testament to his ability as a RB coach as much as it is to coaches that recruited them to those schools and that might be credit that does to him if he recruited them.
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    Funny how Jason had no complaints about Wade being emasculated when the latter was coach... Like I said, karma's a...
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    ^^:laugh2: :laugh2: ^^

    Not another
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    If you think my comments were about a 'sham' interview, than let me just repeat what you stated, but take it in regards to yourself with a little more flavor...

    :lmao: :lmao:
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    I don't think your comments were about a sham interview...I think your comments were about a way to further your agenda by using the comments of someone who thought a sham interview was real.

    And with that in mind...yes the laughing and not another comment still applies.

    Thanks. Four thumbs down, the milk's gone bad.
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    You make very good points.

    I think some people on this Board have a problem differentiating between a guy who was perhaps an unsuccessful HC versus that same guy who was/can be a successful position coach.

    Nutt is not coming here to be the HC. The question is how well he can coach RBs.
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    Which means your sense of humor is even worse than I thought...
  12. jterrell

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    I think it is completely fair to question this but how else can we judge guys for the position except how players performed under them?

    I know I haven't been at all happy with the development of the Cowboys RBs. Where we used picks on guys like Felix, Choice. Barber they seemed to be as good when they showed up as they were when they left.

    At ARK Nutt found a way to play and run all 3 of McFadden. Hillis and Felix. He used WildRebel formations at Ole Miss. He found ways to keep backs developing as far as I can tell.

    With any position coach we'll never really know so all we can do is judge results after the fact.
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    Just to add something here about Skip Peete's firing...

    Many NFL teams have transitioned their running game to a "read and run" scheme meaning if the primary holes that the running play is designed are blocked up they can "freelance" to find other open holes as the play is developing. Garrett has said mutliple times that they don't tell the ball carrier where to go - it's up to them to read the defense and run through an opening.

    The bolded part is where Peete failed his position group in the film room. No one, to include Murray, could read the front and consistently attack the weak areas of formation when the blocking from the OL was OK. I posted a picture of Murray in the TB game where he missed a huge opening and instead ran into the strength of the defense after that game. Where he got a 4yd gain he could have had busted open a huge run.

    The other problem was the constant fumbling problem. Felix Jones managed to fumble the ball 5 times in 2011 as a part time back (tied for 1st) Barber also had issues with ball security that was unacceptable. Even Murray had an uncharacteristic 2 game stretch of fumbling the ball.

    These are fundamental issues that need to be fixed.
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    I suppose Jerry thinks adding Nutt will get him some **********.:rolleyes:
  15. rickjameschinaclub

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    And Garrett's responsibility is to tell all the players to line up and get the job done...
  16. gimmesix

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    It really does. Although I'd love for Jerry to hire a GM, the conspiracy theories to undermine every move the Cowboys make just get ridiculous.
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    soo much win in this thread...
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    I think the team needs another Nutt.
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    I was so glad we moved on from Peete before he sent Murray's career downhill.
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    sometimes you don't......:p:

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