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    Eek--They actually have someone who writes like Spags! :eek:

    Eagles-Dallas Rivalry Kicks Up Another Notch
    March 18, 2006

    Dallas took the risk. Jerry Jones said so as he sat next to wide receiver Terrell Owens during Saturday's lovefest of a press conference as the Cowboys officially introduced Owens as a member of that team, as the intensity of the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry raised a full notch, as the news that everybody expected once Owens was released here came down.
    Talk about great theater. Eagles fans, frothing at the mouth I'm sure, now have even more reason to dislike everything about the Cowboys now.

    As Dallas begins its relationship with Owens and makes one of the most ironic moves in the history of this game, you have to understand what it means to the Eagles. He certainly makes Dallas' offense a more lethal attack in the air. Owens is a great talent, no question about it. He'll be fueled with fire.

    So on the surface, on paper, Owens makes Dallas a better team. We'll see how the players and the organization react to the constant circus -- did Owens really say, "I've always been a good teammate" during his press conference? -- and the things he says and the way he works with people.

    From a pure football standpoint, hey, Owens is another weapon to contend with in the NFC East. Jim Johnson has seen him in the passt, has schemed against him, knows that he will have to give a cornerback help against Owens' size, strength and speed.

    From a pure drama standpoint, it doesn't get much better than Owens playing for Dallas, in the NFC East. I imagine the Cowboys' trip to Lincoln Financial Field in 2006 will be one of the hottest regular-season tickets ever (the schedule should be out in the next couple of weeks) and the shadow of Owens will loom large nationally.

    But I can also tell you that Owens to Dallas will have no other impact for the Eagles. From an on-field football sense, yes, of course. The Eagles defense has two meetings with the Dallas offense.

    Otherwise, there is no reaction. Good for Owens. Good for Dallas. Best of luck to them. The Eagles have their own business to make.

    That's the way I look at the Owens signing, anyway. I'm glad he's gone. I look forward to a new band of brothers gathering at the NovaCare Complex on Monday for the off-season conditioning program, and I look forward to this team looking to improve its roster on a daily basis.

    There is no eye cast toward Irving, TX because, well, Dallas and Owens are probably perfect together. In terms of egos and just the general history of dislike I have for that team, boy, it couldn't be better. Owens goes to the dark side. Perfect drama and I'll look forward to those games as much as ever.

    We are still early in this off-season, this 2006 year, and the Eagles have some questions to answer, as every team does. They've added five players to the mix in the most recent 10 days, and while there is still a ways to go here, understand that the Eagles believe they've filled some significant holes: A pass-rushing end (Darren Howard), a linebacker to compete for the starting job and to play in the nickel (Shawn Barber), a second tight end (Matt Schobel), a No. 2 quarterback (Jeff Garcia) and a wide receiver who could compete for a starting job (Jabar Gaffney).

    What happens next? I don't know. It's quiet, I know that. Free agency is in its second phase, and I don't know how much more the Eagles will do.

    I do know that the focus is on this team, not that team. Owens and the Cowboys are just another division rival, a hated one no question, but nothing more than another team on the schedule twice a year.

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    Wow. Now I actually kind of feel sorry for Eagles fans.
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    :lmao2: :lmao:
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    I haven't clicked this link, but if this is Dave Spadaro, the irony is Eagles fans call him "Spads."
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    No way! His long lost twin!
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    That makes Spags' writing look good...I mean, come on. Did they pluck this guy out of the cooler at the Linc?
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    Most iggle fans hate Spadaro. He does write very much like Spagnola. By the way, the eagle fans refer to him as "Houseman" ...because he only spews the company line, much like Art from extremeskins.
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    have the iggles signed anyone this offseason or done anything?
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    Darren Howard and Jeff Garcia. Those are the only two I can think of.
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    So which is it? TO the Devil? or is Jerry the Devil?
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    "I imagine the Cowboys' trip to Lincoln Financial Field in 2006 will be one of the hottest regular-season tickets ever"
    Damn right it is.I'll fly out for that game.
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    They can't see to well yet.
    The dust hasn't fully cleared .LOL
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    Wasn't he the same idiot that defended the cheering of Irvin's injury as saying it was the same year he was on trial for drug possession?
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    Yeah I have known about him for awhile, he is a complete Spagnola clone. His name is Dave Spadaro and not only does he have the same writing style but if the two were standing next to each other, you might have a difficult time telling them apart.
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    I look forward to ya'lls first meeting this season on MNF (no source, just a hunch)
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    Gotta be a great feeling when Jabbar Gaffney is your major FA aquisition at a position where you really need help.
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    I'd rather it be SNF, because the announcers are going to suck!:bang2:

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    For someone so focused on the Eagles, he's sure writing a lot about TO and the Cowboys. Without us he wouldn't have an article. Focused on his team, my arse. :lmao2:


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