FS - A MUST NEED! Draft 2005

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Nov 30, 2004.

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    *Thomas Davis, 6-1, 220, Georgia
    James Butler, 6-3, 210, Georgia Tech
    Mitch Meeuwsen, 6-2, 210, Oregon State
    Aaron Francisco, 6-2, 210, BYU
    Jim Leonhard, 5-8, 180, Wisconsin (CB)
    *Josh Bullocks, 6-0, 195, Nebraska
    Oshimo Atogwe, 6-0, 205, Stanford
    Nino Williams, 6-1, 205, Missouri
    Derrick Ansley, 6-1, 180, Troy State
    Ben Emanuel, 6-3, 220, UCLA
    Marviel Underwood, 5-11, 200, San Diego State
    Jason Leach, 5-11, 210, Southern California
    Jason Harmon, 5-11, 200, Michigan State
    Jermaine Hardy, 5-11, 210, Virginia (XK)
    Jimmy Newell, 6-1, 190, Washington
    B.J. Ward, 6-2, 210, Florida State
    T.J. Carswell, 6-0, 205, Bowling Green
    Sean Considine, 6-0, 205, Iowa
    Chris Harris, 6-1, 200, Louisiana-Monroe
    Peter Sands, 6-2, 215, Central Florida
    Kerry Rhodes, 6-3, 205, Louisville
    Lee Johnson, 6-2, 210, Louisiana Tech
    Travis Pugh, 6-1, 195, Clemson
    T.J. Stancil, 6-1, 212, Boston College
    Patrick Body, 6-2, 205, Toledo
    David Prater, 6-0, 205, Louisiana-Lafayette
    Alexis Moreland, 6-1, 205, Southern Illinois
    Tony Graham, 6-3, 205, North Carolina State
    Alex Green, 6-2, 195, Duke
    Shannon Davis, 6-0, 185, Kent State
    Marley Tucker, 6-0, 185, Oregon
    Moriah Anderson, 6-1, 190, Marshall
    Quentin Burrell, 6-0, 190, Notre Dame
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    I think a good target FS in this year's draft would be Mitch Meeuwsen if we don't want to spend a high pick. He has pretty good coverage skills but is a little on the slow side which drops his stock. There really isn't a true ball-hawk FS in this draft, but there are 3 very good ones in next year's draft which is somewhere we could look as well.
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    I don't think anything is a MUST need just yet.

    We'll have around $20 million in cap space to play around with. We can take care of a bunch of our needs in FA.

    I'd like to see us take care of the FS position in FA. Gary Baxter is high on my list.
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    I just wonder if Davis is more a Roy Will type, and not a good coverage guy or ball hawk. He's got the mini LB size, but I've seen him listed with a 4.62 40. That could a setup for a lot of burnt toast.

    But I don't know who the quicker/faster FS's are coming out or how well they've played :confused:
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    The top playmaking Free Safety prospects in my opinion :

    Brodney Pool, Okla

    Josh Bullocks (junior), Nebraska--my personal choice (3rd round material)
    6'0 205lbs 4.55/40, ballhawk, very good in coverage.

    Micheal Huff, Texas

    Vincent Fuller, Vtech

    James Butler--Ga. Tech--Maybe the most upside
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    I agree exactly with your first two picks. Of course, Dallas needs to work Keith Davis into the mix and Pete Hunter will have an opportunity to fit in somewhere next year as well.

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