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    Not sure that I agree with Thomas Davis at free safety.. does anybody know any details on Fuller?

    from NFL Draft Showcase

    March 10, 2005
    Patrick Body, Brodney Pool, Josh Bullocks,

    South Carolina's Jermaine Harris has the size (6'4, 210) to play strong safety but the athletic ability to play free. If he can turn in some good times pre-draft, his stock will rise.

    Alabama A&M's Levernonte Turner has been productive at a smaller level. He has a knack for making plays. James Young of Georgia Southern is a big, athletic guy who has been timed sub-4.4 by GSU's coaches.
    photo from National Champs

    Name Year School HT WT 40 Round
    1 Thomas Davis Junior Georgia 6'1 230 4.55 1
    2 Vincent Fuller Senior Virginia Tech 6'2 195 4.30 2-3
    3 Josh Bullocks Junior Nebraska 6'0 210 4.53 2-3
    4 Brodney Pool Junior Oklahoma 6'3 215 4.55 3
    5 James Butler Senior Georgia Tech 6'3 210 4.60 3
    6 Oshiomogho Atogwe Senior Stanford 5'11 205 4.60 3-4
    7 Gerald Sensabaugh Senior North Carolina 6'2 210 4.49 4
    8 Kerry Rhodes Senior Louisville 6'3 211 4.46 5
    9 Aaron Fransisco Senior BYU 6'2 205 4.75 5
    10 Mario Williams Senior Gardner-Webb 6'2 205 4.48 5-6
    11 Sean Considine Senior Iowa 6'0 205 4.55 5-6
    12 Jim Leonhard Senior Wisconsin 5'8 183 4.50 5-6
    13 Ben Emanuel Senior UCLA 6'3 220 4.56 6
    14 Jason Harmon Senior Michigan State 5'11 202 4.53 6
    15 Eric Oliver Senior Mississippi 6'2 215 4.54 6-7
    16 Marviel Underwood Senior San Diego State 5'11 211 4.45 7
    17 James Young Senior Georgia Southern 6'1 204 4.45 7-FA
    18 Jermaine Harris Senior South Carolina 6'4 210 4.60 7-FA
    19 Mitch Meeuwsen Senior Oregon State 6'3 210 4.57 7-FA
    20 Patrick Body Senior Toledo 6'2 201 4.35 7-FA
    21 Nick Collins Senior Bethune-Cookman 5'11 193 4.46 7-FA
    22 Derrick Ansley Senior Troy 6'1 171 4.50 FA
    23 Keon Newson Senior Bowling Green 6'0 184 4.53 FA
    24 Lionel Hickenbottom Senior Northern Illinois 5'10 195 4.50 FA
    25 Peter Sands Senior Central Florida 6'2 230 4.65 FA
    26 Levernonte Turner Senior Alabama A&M 6'2 188 4.55 FA
    27 Phillip Geiggar Senior Texas 5'11 205 4.45 FA
    28 Josh Smith Senior Navy 6'2 205 4.56 FA
    29 Alexis Moreland Senior Southern Illinois 6'1 205 4.51 FA
    30 BJ Ward Senior Florida State 6'3 210 4.55 FA
    31 Morgan Scalley Senior Utah 5'10 194 4.48 FA
    32 TJ Stancil Senior Boston College 6'1 212 4.51 FA
    33 Chris Harris Senior Louisiana-Monroe 6'1 204 4.45 FA
    34 Travis Pugh Senior Clemson 6'1 195 4.50 FA
    35 Michael Hawkins Senior Oklahoma/AFL 6'2 185 4.45 FA
    36 Jon Holland Senior Oklahoma State 5'11 185 4.55 FA
    37 Cam Newton Senior Furman 6'2 195 4.55 FA
    38 Alex Green Senior Duke 6'2 195 4.53 FA
    39 Lucas Kurtz Senior Albany 6'3 210 4.65 FA
    40 Clayton Smith Senior Dartmouth 6'2 205 4.60 FA

    rankings by Allen Trieu
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    Player Profile

    [​IMG] Vincent Fuller

    School: Virginia Tech
    Position: Free Safety
    Class: Senior
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 185lbs
    Birthday: 8/3/82
    40 Time: 4.35 (estimated)


    - A corner by trade, the 184-pound senior will move over to free safety to use his experience and toughness. He was a solid backup last year making 56 tackles and breaking up seven passes. He's one of the best athletes in the secondary. Fuller has been timed at under 4.35 in the 40 while at Va Tech.


    - Must step up and become a solid performer in the secondary. This will be his first season at safety, so it’s a make or break year. Fuller could also benefit from a weight gain. At 184 pounds, he is a light safety.

    Overall Analysis

    - A former cornerback, Vincent Fuller appears to be one of the better coverage safeties available in the 2005 NFL Draft. Fuller practiced at free safety and cornerback during his redshirt season in 2000 and saw some action as a reserve in 2001. Fuller was a cornerback during his sophomore and junior seasons, starting in 7 contests and recording 5 interceptions over the course of those 2 seasons. He moved to free safety as a senior and recorded 46 tackles, 3 interceptions and 4 pass breakups during the regular season. Fuller has a good size/speed combination and does a nice job in both man and zone coverages. However, he’s still far from a finished project and may be a bit more of an athlete rather than a football player at this point in time. I would currently rate Fuller as a day one prospect based on his upside potential, but he’ll need to have solid post-season workouts to maintain that type of grade.

    Reminds You Of:

    - Eugene Wilson
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    I don't like some of those rankings. For instance I thought James Butler was way too rough to be considered the 5th best prospect. I also thought there were a number of prospects (Fox for instance) that are really only being looked at for FS not CB and are improperly placed. Personally I think the first or second best FS prospect is Marlin Jackson. I know he could go as a CB, but his skills are much better utilized at the FS, where he could be a true Ed Reed type game changer.

    I'll take either Marlin at the end of the first (trade down not at #20) or I'll take Bullocks in the second or early third. If we want to wait till the second day we can grab Considine, Fox, or Butler. The first two might be ready to start while Butler has more upside when he learns the position.

    I'm not against Pool, I just haven't seen much tape of him. Same with Fuller.
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    A day 2 pick that interests me is Junior Rosegreen.
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    I'm with you on Jackson.. I'd like to pick up Jackson.. but I dont think that he really wants to play safety.. I wouldn't want to either if I can get paid cornerback $$$. And I really think he's one of the top 5 corners out there too.
    I dont know anything about Considine or Butler, though I had heard some good things about the later. I did see Dustin Fox a lot at Ohio State. I think he does make a better free safety than a corner. I think he'd cover pretty well as a Free Safety.. At corner his coverage was more along the lines of the moans and groans everyone was giving T-new grief about..
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    Word is Marlin Jackson really had an impressive workout that answered a lot of concerns about athletic ability, and might be considered a top 20 pick again as a cornerback.

    I like Gerald Sensabaugh as a 4th.

    I'm not really frantic about the FS position, as long as we add playmakers elsewhere at more critical positions. If we got Darren Howard and DJ/Merriman at #11 to fill linebacker/nickel blitzer, I'm more than happy with Pete Hunter or Davis filling in next year at FS. They won't need to be spectacular, just not a liability.
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    Agree !! don't want to see the cowboys take a FS until day 2. Don't want to see them overpay for whats left in FA for safety. Lets get a good pass rush, that will take pressure off entire secondary. At least Hunter and Davis know system, they should be competent for now.
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    The only first day free safeties that I'd be interested in are Vincent Fuller and Josh Bullocks... I'm looking for a DB with some speed and range... that's why I've just recently dropped James Butler off my wish list-- a 4.6 40 just won't cut it for a FS, they have to have SOME straight line speed...

    But late in the draft, from the 6th round on, there are a slew of prospects that I find intriguing:

    James Young, Georgia Southern
    Jermaine Harris, South Carolina... a 6-4 DB intrigues me...
    Patrick Body, Toledo... legit sub-4.4 second 40 speed...
    Peter Sands, Central Florida... a 230 pound FS (might ultimately switch to OLB)...

    Even if the Boys were successful in nabbing Fuller or Bullocks, I could make an argument for drafting one of those 4 late in the draft, too...
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    I wouldn't mind Pool or Bullocks in round 2
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    40 Time: 4.35 (running on the 39 yard VT track)
    40 Time: 4.5 (running everywhere else in the world)
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    I like Butler, but he's slipping in the draft. Considine, for what it's worth, was in the Senior Bowl and making a ton of tackles. His Wonderlic is high, he seems to have some in-game skills, I have no clue how good his coverage is. Considine might be a decent mid round pick.

    Some excellent Cowboys teams had a FA handling free safety, I don't think it's a position that needs a really high draft choice thrown at it.
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    what do you guys think of ronald bartell of howard? I think most project him as a corner, but at 6-2 200 he may have the size to slide over to safety. He looked fairly impressive at the combine and senior bowl.
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    The story I hear is that Bartell was such a bad CB in Senior Bowl practices they moved him to safety in the Senior Bowl. He's very fast, but probably a project, though he might make a very good safety someday.

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    OJ Atogwe-capable of both spots...A little short, but hits a ton and can cover



    Positives: Has broad shoulders, long arms, narrow hips, good bubble and knotted calves … Fluid and sudden athlete who excels as a centerfielder in coverage … Smooth in his backpedal, staying low in his pads to turn easily coming out of his backpedal … Has the acceleration to cover ground quickly and has the balance and speed to stay on a slot receiver in upfield action … Very disciplined in zone coverage, doing a good job of reading the receiver's double moves and keeping the action in front of him … Tracks the ball well and shows explosion and proper wrap-up technique to make forceful tackles in the open … Gets his head on the right side to maintain eye contact on the ball in deep routes … Has the hand strength to get a good push off blocks and the agility to sift through trash, find the clear lane and string plays out … Has adequate lateral agility and takes good angles to compensate for a lack of top-end speed in pursuit … Shows small, but natural and soft hands to compete for the ball in the air … Attacks the ball aggressively and will generally be successful in trying to separate ball carriers from the ball (seven fumble recoveries, 11 forced fumbles in three years).

    Negatives: Lacks ideal size, but can compensate with power … Good playmaker, but sometimes plays too conservative, as if he is afraid that he will pay for it if he gambles … A step slow at times to read and react to the run, as he does not show suddenness in attacking the line … Needs to do a better job of opening his hips, as his stiffness in that area slows his change of direction … Fails to plant and drive when trying to change direction in the open, gathering himself before making his break … Inconsistent playing off blocks … Does not have that second gear needed to recover when beaten in man coverage.
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    Fuller had a good season at Free Safety for Va Tech this past season. Another plus on him that the scouting report didn't mention is he is good on special teams as well.
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    Keep him on your list, Silverbear. He's run 4.49-4.55. The combine scout page has him at 4.51.


    In my bordom I have compiled the stats for these top guys over the past 2 years (stats from team websites, ? = info incomplete):

    Thomas Davis
    25 games 219 tackles (146 solo) 7.5 sacks 13 TFL 5 FF 1 RF 2 Int 6 PBU 16 QBH

    Vincent Fuller (Va Tech's stat stuff is odd, did what I could)
    26 games 107 tackles (57 solo) 1 TFL 1 FF 4 Int 4 PBU (?)

    Josh Bullocks
    24 games 112 tackles (66 solo) 2 TFL 12 Int 14 PBU 4 QBH 1 BK

    Brodney Pool
    27 games 160 tackles (106 solo) 2 Sacks 14 TFL 1 FF 1 FR 9 Int 15 PBU 1 QBH 2 BK

    James Butler
    25 games 210 tackles (112 solo) 8.5 TFL 4 FF 7 Int 10 PBU 2 BK

    Oshiomogho Atogwe
    22 games 167 tackles (100 solo) 9 TFL 9 FF 6 FR 6 Int 15 PBU

    TFL = Tackles for loss
    FF = Forced fumbles
    FR = Fumbles recovered
    PBU = Passes broken up
    QBH = Quarterback hurries
    BK = Blocked kicks

    If you find info to the contrary, well just screw me then.
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    I'm going to dispute that 46 inch vertical as a misprint. They're very few people in the world who have that high a vertical leap. It's in the David Thompson category.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    I thought the same thing when I first saw it, but I've seen it on two seperate sources

    From Scouts, Inc

    He set the UNC record by jumping a 41.5 in offseason testing last spring when he transfered from Eastern Tennessee State, and now he's had 12 months in a Div.I caliber weight and agility training.
  20. BigWillie

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    I remember the guy pretty well since ETSU is just down in Johnson City. He transferred to UNC for the simple reason ETSU couldn't financially support the football program anymore and had to fold. But I would figure with the revenue the basketball program is bringing in being in two of the last three NCAA tournaments, and having one of the best players in the lower levels of NCAA it wouldn't be that much of a strain.

    But that's a story for a different day.

    In any case, Sensabaugh was never brought up as one of those freak athletes, even in his time spent at ETSU.

    Although Sensabaugh, IIRC, was an All-ACC performer this past year, and if he were putting up freakish (and those are EXTREMELY freakish) he would skyrocket up the charts into the 1st-2nd round range without question. But seeing as how you haven't heard his name in the same breath as the freak athletes like Fabian Washington, Shawne Merriman, Alex Barron, etc., who have put up some unbelievable times/numbers in workouts, you would figure you could hear his name as well.

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