News: FS North: Cowboys-Vikings: A recipe for chippiness

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    By Bo Mitchell

    Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Vikings is being billed, among other things, as a rematch of last year’s NFC divisional playoff game at Mall of America Field.

    That’s the neat and tidy perspective from 10,000 feet. From down in the trenches, however, things look a little less glamorous. In fact, things appear tense and anxious because both teams were heavily favored to make a deep playoff push again this season, yet both teams have won just one of their first four games.

    “Who would have thought both teams would be 1-3?” Brett Favre asked Wednesday, echoing the thoughts of a lot of football observers. “Both teams are well aware of what’s at stake. Record aside, both teams are still very capable and very good football teams.”

    In this case, very good and capable – loosely translated – could mean very talented yet underachieving. Some would even say desperate. Vikings head coach Brad Childress would… and did.

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