News: FSSW: Decoding Garrett: Garrett appears almost out of ideas

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 6, 2012.

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    November 6, 2012

    Whenever you study something long enough, you begin to see the trends and patterns and normal fluctuations that make them normal. They have happened before, they will happen again, and we should not all lose our minds when we see it because it is not that abnormal.

    However, there are other times, when sample sizes are big enough to really be a cause for concern. Every Tuesday, when we try to decode the state of affairs with the Jason Garrett offense, we look for these patterns and do so by throwing a lot of numbers at the reader. Since I started writing this weekly back in 2008, I have tried to modify how much data we throw out there in an effort to not keep the majority of the audience interested.

    But, as much data as we have in this column, I assume most people are aware that the team has a thousand times more data. The Cowboys track all of these numbers and things way more advanced and specific. They know what they do and don't do well. They look at tendencies and patterns and make sure they "self scout" in a way where they treat their own team as if it is the next opponent. They want to see what the world sees, not what they see in practice or behind closed doors.

    A giant part of the game of football is to stay out of obvious patterns. Why? Because, the belief in the sport is that the teams are so close together in talent and strategy that the biggest weapon in the sport is often time the surprise of doing something the opposition is not expecting. There are stories about how the 1992-93 Cowboys were so good at what they did that they almost never changed personnel packages and only ran about 7 different plays. But, they were so powerful and so loaded with talent that they could essentially announce their plans before a play and you still couldn't do anything to stop it.

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    49% of all 2012 snaps were out of shotgun. Desperate.
  3. dreghorn2

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    Absolutely amazing stat.

    Excellent article, depressing but informative.
  4. WPBCowboysFan

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    So, we come back to the same ole question: is Red J a poor coach/OC or do the players limit what he can do/call consistently?

    The more one tries to analyze it the more frustrating it is.
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    Yes!. A few weeks ago I sent a tweet to Bob and asked him to decode Garrett over the entire time he has kept track of all these things.

    He said he would think about it when the season is over.

    This quote right here tells me he's working on it.
  6. Kangaroo

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    Which still begs the question why can we not see the young guys at WR instead of otree. They are desperate and yet we are not taking desperate measure in areas where it may be worth gambling on.

    I understand not going nuclear on the oline if you think Romo will get broken in to seconds but why not give Dunbar 15 carries instead of Jones maybe something clicks. Time to make some subtle desperation changes .
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    During the 2010 season when he took over from Wade and was running the football successfully, when asked about successful running game - he said the practicies were not physical enough to successfully run the ball in games when Wade was a HC.

    I don't see the same commitment from him to run the ball early in the games and he is a pass happy coach with a pass happy QB. If JG is a great motivator and great HC, he should give up play calling and focus on just being a HC (I doubt he is a decent HC based on last 13 games, don't like the direction we are going but the rest of yeat will show how good he is)
  8. McLovin

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    Because there has never been accountability since Parcells left and won't be until Garret and JJ are gone.

    Biggest pet peeve is talk about culture change and instilling "accountability"

    It is a joke that lost it's humor 2 years ago.
  9. McLovin

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    One of the worst traits in a human is when you have more political and book intelligence than another person and you use it to manipulate other's views.

    I have no proof, but I have always thought of Garrett as someone who used that skill to get where he is. I have seen similar traits from too many of that ilk in my industry. "Always someone else's fault, would have worked IF, Dont look at me, my plan was flawless - not my problem if you can't put it to work."

    Jerry Jones can easily be impressed. He is a risk taker, but not the most eloquent and learned person. An easy target.

    His banal press conferences are exactly what would be necessary if the team had a modicum of success. Being Belicheck JR delivery at 3-5, 8-8, 5-11, etc. ain't gonna cut it in Dallas.
  10. ykc

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    I never trusted Jerry Jones desire to win SB, never. I have no confidence in his approach to winning (except hiring BP), he want his approach to win a SB which I doubt will happen. I think JG will get another year and if we miss playoff next year is when hopefully JJ will change his approach and step aside

  11. 17yearsandcounting

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    The tide is turning folks, the full blown media witch hunt is a few more inept performances away. Go get um boys.
  12. Ntegrase96

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    It seems to me he's been out of ideas since his high powered offense was shut down by the Eagles in December of 07.
  13. rickjameschinaclub

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    Which, if JG actually said it, is quite frankly hogwash, because JG had absolute control over coaching the offense and Wade didn't step on his toes whatsoever. This was also coupled with the fact Wade was alluding to in the press that this team needs to run more to limit the TOs and help the defense out in controlling the clock. He wanted Dan reeves to come in to actually review and work on the running game previously, so the issue had absolutely nothing to do with not being able to successfully run the ball, the issue was JG just wasn't doing it.
  14. rickjameschinaclub

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    You my friend are one of the few that seem to have noticed that this is when it all began, i.e. that period when the Eagles held us, followed by the Redskins essentially shutting us down. And BTW if people want to remark that it was the last game of the season, they were trying to get Romo a record against the Redskins, but they simply couldn't do it. So they sat him when they didn't want him to get hurt.
  15. rickjameschinaclub

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    So even Bob is now turning on Garrett... nice....
  16. Kangaroo

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    No Bob is stating what he sees nothing more.
  17. Kangaroo

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    Dallas is not the only team that does this I see it all the time in the NFL where coaches hangs on to the Vets starting over young guys. Even after they lose week after week with the same mantra they give us the best chance to win.

    NFL coaches are a strange cat
  18. rickjameschinaclub

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    Which is essentially that Jason Garrett is blowing it...
  19. Bluestang

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    I'm not so sure that Garrett is out of ideas but rather he doesn't have the personnel to run his offense.

    Laurent Robinson had alot of success as a deep threat. His long legs gave him a fast stride to stretch a defense vertically. (He also ran a 4.38 combine)

    Ask yourselves the question...who is our deep threat in this offense?

    Who are we using to stretch the defense vertically?
  20. Idgit

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    I'm on record with this being the problem, too. That and the miscues from the guys we do have playing.

    Then again, though, we went into the season with this group, thinking KO or maybe Holmes could replace Robinson and that Dez would improve. So far, it looks like we missed, badly, on both counts.

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