News: FSSW: Decoding Garrett: Garrett appears almost out of ideas

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    I miss those days.
  2. dexternjack

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    That is definitely a problem, the system and personnel don't match well. But, isn't that Garrett's job to recognize and adjust to that?

    It seems he is convinced his way is going to work and will not stop trying the same old stuff and adjust to to players. It should not have taken this long to recognize and I am not sure he even has yet.
  3. Idgit

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    Yes, that's what I was saying. We went into the season with unworkable WRs.

    I do think it's Garrett's job to fix, but I also think he's churned the roster quite a bit, and that we consciously focused on defense with the premium FA contracts and draft picks this offseason. Pretty obviously, we'll have to do the same on offense next offseason, getting a couple WRs and shoring up the right side of the OL.
  4. blackbull

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    Good coaches adjust their offense if the personnel isn't a fit. But by all means give that trash coach his excuses. The great Laurent Robinson.
  5. CyberB0b

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    Dez is no Michael Irvin, that is for sure. You need to put guys in positions to succeed and Garrett doesn't do that.
  6. jobberone

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    I'm not a huge Garrett fan although I've been willing to give him his fair shot.

    I'm on record as saying we have some personnel issues creating a lot of our problems with this offense.

    Garrett can't run on the field and block, tackle and catch passes.
  7. Idgit

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    Not sure how you could read Bluestang's stuff and come away with your apparent conclusion, but that's on you.

    I agree that some good coaches adjust their offense to personnel, but not all of them necessarily do it to the same extent. There's a lot to be said for having a system that works and the ability to find players who fit your system. PIT has done that for years on defense, and it works great once you have the players in place.

    Garrett might not ultimately be a coach capable of doing that, and he's certainly been involved with the offensive roster long enough to make a case that he isn't, but I don't know how much control he really had or exerted during the Phillips era in that regard. What's obvious is what's wrong with our offense right now, and that ain't the pass blocking, and it ain't entirely the QB.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Of course it isn't his fault... He's just hamstrung again... :rolleyes:
  9. 17yearsandcounting

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    Of course. Its never Jasons fault. When his offense was a disorganized penalty filled mess under Wade, it was all Wades fault for running 'soft' practices. When his offense is a disorganized, PATHETIC, penalty filled mess now that hes a coach its all the players fault. Whats the common factor here? One thing he did learn in the Ivy League is to deflect blame and secretly sabotage others like a champion.
  10. rickjameschinaclub

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    You forgot the cancer excuses as well... I swear I've never seen such blind adoration for a complete train wreck as a coach...
  11. xwalker

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    Bob is describing the passing game that would evolve for most teams that Cannot Run the Ball Effectively.
  12. McLovin

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    Not so much with the Patriots.
  13. Idgit

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    You don't think this year's offense is underperforming Garrett's usual point-production? Given the same HC/OC and the same QB, there has to be some reason for the 4.3 points/game productivity drop (relative to last year's average). This doesn't account for the effect of this year's pick-sixes, either, by the way.

    Or is it just that the HC keeps getting worse?
  14. McLovin

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    Can't use the colts......Pagano's doing better with his office hooked up to a chemo drip.

    Think about that, the Colts have a better offense than Dallas. Main difference from last year's 2-14 is a rookie QB. And that offense is showing improvement

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Yes, he is getting worse.

    There are plenty of offenses around the league scoring more points than us with much less talent. I'm sorry that Jason Garrett can't have a pro bowler starting at every position on offense, but he should be getting a hell of a lot more than he's getting out of this group. I've got to think offensive coordinators around the league would salivate at calling plays for an offense with Romo, Wittten, Austin and Bryant.
  16. Idgit

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    Why's he getting worse, then? I mean, beyond the generic things like you don't like his play calling, and he's not leading enough.

    He doesn't need a pro-bowler at every position. What we need, though, is players doing what they're supposed to. If the design of the offense is to take advantage of whatever mismatch the defense gives you, and we can't do it because players drop the ball, miss protection pickups, or make the wrong route adjustments, then obviously the offense isn't going to work. It's perfectly possible to field an offense that doesn't have many superstars, but has everybody doing what they're supposed to do, and be productive doing that. NE has done it for years. PIT does a nice job of it. Do you think GB just gets lucky drafting productive WRs all the time, up and down their roster? No, they get guys who work the system and are where they're supposed to be. Their starters are great players, but they're deep all the way down the line with guys who know their roles.

    And, as I always say when making this point: it's completely on Garrett to get those guys and to coach the ones he's got properly. This year, we're not doing that. We've got one of the best WR coaches in the league, and a very, very good QB, so that's not the problem. This is not an excuse for Garrett; it's a description of the problem that it's his responsibility to fix or he gets fired.

    For whatever reason, people are more comfortable deciding the guy can't call plays or that he just can't coach. I prefer to talk about *why* we're beating ourselves and what we might do to fix it this season.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    I think it's entirely possible that he was just never that good. So it isn't that he's necessarily "getting worse", but rather that his best seasons here were because of the pure ridiculous talent we had on offense. The good offensive lines we had in his early years here. The fact that we had a still in his prime Terrell Owens, a prime Jason Witten, a prime Tony Romo. It's probably not a coincidence that the further away from those years we get, the worse Garrett's offense gets.

    As far as guys being where they should be, you said it before I could -- that's on Garrett. I will concede that I think we just, in general, have some guys on this who aren't very smart football players and are prone to making dumb mistakes. If that's the case though, they shouldn't be out there. Garrett is responsible for getting these guys ready to play every Sunday and putting them in a position to succeed. If they aren't, they shouldn't be out there.
  18. Idgit

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    It's not hard to make the case that Tony's best year was last season. And Witten's playing as well or better than he ever has right now. I guess you can make the argument that our offensive line is worse than it was back in 2007-2008...I'm not so sure it is, because I never liked the big, slow, OGs who couldn't handle simple stunts.

    However you look at it, our point production, and the number of points we've given up to defenses on returns, is way up this season. And Garrett's been a constant. It might well be that his offense is flawed, but that alone doesn't explain why were not scoring more.

    My own opinion is that it's a combination of us not having as many skill players who can take advantage of what the defense gives us, and who we've played so far this year. I do expect to see the points/game number go back up this season, but I don't know that we'll ever be as effective as we were even last year, and we had plenty of room to improve over that baseline to begin with.
  19. Hoofbite

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    Garrett's usual isn't that good to begin with so the fact that this year is exceptionally worse than normal will buy no leniency from me.
  20. Idgit

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    The point isn't to grant leniency. It's to understand why we're less productive right now. Because, with our defense playing better than it did last season, if we could increase the productivity of the offense, we'd be a much better team. Yet, for some reason, that production has dropped off fairly dramatically with many of the same coaches and players in place.

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