News: FSSW: Decoding Garrett: Garrett appears almost out of ideas

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 6, 2012.

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    6 years to influence the org on personnel, develop players, scheme, etc.

    Offense should be judged on points. Here are point rankings from what are typically considered good offenses since 2007


    The start in 2007 was great, but looked as if either/both the element of surprise is gone, or scoring is better w/o Romo (2010).

    You have to score to win....Dallas does not score and I dont buy its all talent. GB won the SB with almost all OL injured. Even if it is "talent" Garrett has had years to get the personnel he wants or develop them. Either is a fail.
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    Don't forget the "No full off season" excuse either.
  3. rickjameschinaclub

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    This year we've already gotten the Phil Costa not in excuse, Romo over-sailing passes all day excuse, Murray is out excuse, and even Wade's effects are still present excuse...
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    Penalties, bad snaps, red zone and short yardage scoring and points in general have been a problem outside of the 2007 season under Garrett. That was obviously a fluke season.
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    I seem to remember in the NFL Films show on Landry that he was criticized for forcing his system on players that didn't fit it. Sounds similar to what people are saying about Garrett.

    I'm not saying Garrett will be another Landry. I think this team has a lot of players that are either not smart or don't take things as serious and Garrett wants them to. He needs to adapt his system to fit what he has on the field until he can get players that get it.

    My fear is his trigger-man will be gone before he gets players on the field that know how to run his system.
  6. McLovin

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    Different era.....practices and training camps are different, contact rules, Fre agency, cap etc. Only a few stay with the team over 4 years.
  7. 17yearsandcounting

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    And what if his system is outdated predictable garbage?
  8. Bluestang

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    Like this one:

    Garrett has all of these concepts in the play book.

    He also runs rub routes something NE has done for years.

    Coaches don't adapt their system to the players, at least in the long term.

    They aquire/release players to fit their system.
  9. blackbull

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    He had 8 games left to convince the real fans of this team what he can do.
  10. rickjameschinaclub

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    Let's be clear... that wasn't Garrett, that was Sparano...
  11. rickjameschinaclub

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    Let's also be clear about Landry here:

    He was a DC for 4 years with the Giants, before becoming HC. They made 3 appearances in the NFL championship in those 4 years. He invented the flex 4-3 defense to counter the GB sweep, prior to becoming coach, i.e. he had results on the field to prove his capability as a genius. This led to him reviving how to attack this very offense, when he became head coach. He revived man-in-motion as well as the shotgun. Please tell me, what Garrett is reviving other than inept play-calling and mistake prone offenses?

    Tom Landry was showing progress in every single aspect of the game and that too in an era when they didn't have free agency.

    There is nothing Garrett is demonstrating or has demonstrated on the field that shows direction... what he is showing is Dave Schula like capability...
  12. Idgit

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    Was it? Why do you say that, other than the fact that Sparano's no longer here? Which do you like better: his work with the Dolphins after he left DAL, or his work this year with the Jets?
  13. Wolfpack

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    I am not a huge fan of Sparano but he clearly had a hand in running that offense that year and was treated rather poorly for his efforts. You have Sparano who has 20+ (I dont know for sure) years coaching and then you had Jason who was on year 3 or 4 and his 1st as the OC. You dont think Tony S shaped that year?

    I look at some fundamental steps back the running game has taken. Calling traps and power pulls at the goal line or the famous pitch out to Barber. Just not quite in sysc with the game flow. I think Jason doesnt have the background in the running game and the team suffers for that. I think he WANTS to run the ball on a strategic level but doenst know how to weave that into the flow of the game.
  14. Idgit

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    Shaped? I know he had an influence on the offense. I know we'd have liked to have kept him. I don't think for a second we kept the wrong guy, and I don't think Sparano's been very impressive elsewhere without Garrett. Do you?

    The running game is just not that important to overall wins and losses. Short yardage running matters, but our problems there are with personnel and not with coaching. No, I don't buy that Garrett--former NFL QB, son of a scout, OC, and now HC doesn't have sufficient background to handle our rushing offense. Nor do I think, if he did, that Callahan's presence wouldn't cover up such an obvious weakness.

    I do think our zone blocking for the running game is not good, but that's because of the C and the lack of continuity in training camp with the new starting OGs and multiple different players trying to come up to speed with either the offense or the C position. And injuries to our two top backs and a brand new FB haven't helped, either.
  15. rickjameschinaclub

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    Because he was OC when he was here, that is why I say that. As far as your question regarding his current body of work, as I said before, and I'll say it again... Tony Sparano is an average O and I was never a fan of his and glad he left. And he didn't have Romo in Miami nor does he have him in NY.

    The fact that he could get that much out of this personnel and Garrett gets worse in worse is evidence of the fact that Garrett blows more than Sparano.

    Garrett hasn't proved himself here with the same personnel Tony Sparano had when he was here. Thanks for proving an avergae coach like Sparano is much better than Garrett as an OC, let alone probably head coach. Imagine Garrett in Miami or the Jets... wow, just wow...
  16. AmericasTeam31

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    See John Fox, Head Coach, Denver Broncos. From Orton to Tebow to Manning in less than 12 months. Did they run the same offense with all three QB's?

    Garrett IMO refuses to look at himself as a possible part of the problem. His offense is not flawed, the players running the offense are flawed.
  17. Dodger

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    Since when does a hurry up/no huddle offense automatically mean shotgun attacking and no attempt at running the ball?

    I think Sturm is confusing a no huddle offense with 2 mintue offense. Disappointing...

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